State Income Tax

State Income Tax Returns and Initial Estimated Tax Payments

The Commissioner of the Revenue is responsible for receiving and processing all Virginia state income tax returns and initial estimated tax payments for Chesterfield County residents.

Filing Deadlines

Virginia state income tax returns are due to be filed on or before May 1 of each year. The Virginia estimated income tax voucher 1 is also due on May 1 of each year.

Obtaining Forms

Forms and instructions may also be obtained online at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Virginia Department of Taxation Individual Income Tax Filing page.

If you need assistance in obtaining the correct forms, contact the Commissioner of the Revenue by email or by calling 804-748-1281, who can also assist with Virginia tax forms, booklets and envelopes, either sending by mail or in person at the Commissioner's office.

Payment by Check

Checks need to be made out to the Treasurer, Chesterfield County. If you reside in Chesterfield County and if did not e-file your Virginia state income tax return, mail your check to:

Commissioner of the Revenue
Chesterfield County
P.O. Box 124
Chesterfield, VA 23832

Payment by Credit/Debit Card, Refunds, Address Changes

Please contact the Virginia Department of Taxation regarding the status of your refund, address changes, making payments by credit/debit card, or other questions about filing your state income tax return.

State Income Preparation Appointments

If you are a resident of the Chesterfield County and have a completed copy of your federal income tax return, you may have your Virginia state income tax return prepared and processed in the Commissioner of the Revenue's office at no charge.

Schedule a state income preparation appointment and be prepared by bringing the necessary documentation, including a copy of your completed federal tax return, a valid ID and all forms used to prepare it (W2s, 1099s, etc.), to complete your state income tax return with a tax assessment specialist.