Programs & Services

Victim / Witness Assistance Program

  • Provides direct services to victims of crime in Chesterfield County, including explanation of the criminal justice process, court escorts, and referrals to other local agencies for counseling and/or financial assistance.
  • The Program includes a Domestic Violence Unit, as well as a Sexual Assault Services Coordinator.
  • Each victim's case is given personal attention, with services designed to meet the needs of the victim and/or victim's family member's individual needs.

Learn more about the Victim/Witness Assistance Program.

Pretrial Services Program

  • Assists the courts in determining which offenders must remain in jail and those who qualify for release on bond, or pre-trial supervision, while awaiting trial.
  • The program is designed for non-violent offenders and helps preserve jail facilities for violent criminals. This effort alleviates overcrowding in the jail while saving taxpayers' dollars.
  • The office seeks funding from the Department of Corrections to establish and maintain this program.

Community Involvement in Crime Prevention

  • Is part of the office's effort to maintain an informed alliance of citizens, police officers and prosecutors.
  • Assists the Community Service Division of the Sheriff's Office in talking with school groups who are on tour of the court complex.
  • The staff works closely with the Police Department by volunteering to speak to groups in schools, neighborhood and business watch organizations, church groups, clubs, PTAs, and civic groups. Arrangements for a speaker may be made through the Adult Criminal Division.

Multi-Jurisdictional Task Force

  • Coordinates police resources and information to combat drug trafficking within multi-jurisdictional boundaries.
  • The office participates in two multi-jurisdictional task forces: North End Task Force, which encompasses northern Chesterfield, Henrico, Richmond, and Hanover; and the South End Task Force, which covers southern Chesterfield, Colonial Heights, Hopewell, Dinwiddie, Amelia, and Petersburg.

Chesterfield / Colonial Heights Community Criminal Justice Board

  • Develops pre-trial court services and community-based corrections programs consistent with the Comprehensive Community Corrections Act and Pre-Trial Services Act.
  • Provides a range of community-based sanctions and services designed to promote public safety, defendant accountability and rehabilitation.
  • Reviews all aspects of the criminal justice system, as it impacts Chesterfield and Colonial Heights, and includes its findings in a Biennial Plan that is directed as achieving a community-oriented justice system.