Commonwealth's Attorney


The Commonwealth's Attorney's Office is responsible for prosecuting all felony and certain misdemeanor offenses which occur within the jurisdiction of Chesterfield County.

Bond Hearings

Bond hearing requests are being scheduled by the General District Court Clerk’s Office. Visit the General District Court for more information on how attorneys can schedule a bond hearing.

Additional Duties

  • Providing additional services to inform citizens about our criminal justice system
  • Working closely with police officers and magistrates to provide 24-hour-a-day legal advice
  • Teaching at the Police Academy and conduct mock trials to educate state and local law enforcement personnel
  • Contributing each year to the county's legislative package in the areas of criminal law and procedure
  • Answering questions from citizens regarding criminal law

Programs and Services

Chesterfield/Colonial Heights Community Criminal Justice Board

The Chesterfield/Colonial Heights Community Criminal Justice Board develops pre-trial court services and community-based corrections programs consistent with the Comprehensive Community Corrections Act and Pre-Trial Services Act. The board provides a range of community-based sanctions and services designed to promote public safety, defendant accountability and rehabilitation and reviews all aspects of the criminal justice system, as it impacts Chesterfield and Colonial Heights, and includes its findings in a Biennial Plan that is directed as achieving a community-oriented justice system.

Community Involvement in Crime Prevention

The Commonwealth's Attorney maintains an informed alliance of citizens, police officers and prosecutors. The office assists the Community Service Division of the Sheriff's Office in talking with school groups who are on tour of the court complex. Staff works closely with the Police Department by volunteering to speak to groups in schools, neighborhood and business watch organizations, church groups, clubs, Parent-Teacher Associations (PTAs) and civic groups. Arrangements for a speaker may be made through the Adult Criminal Division.

Multi-Jurisdictional Task Force

The Multi-Jurisdictional Task Force coordinates police resources and information to combat drug trafficking within multi-jurisdictional boundaries. The office participates in two multi-jurisdictional task forces: North End Task Force, which encompasses northern Chesterfield, Henrico, Richmond and Hanover; and the South End Task Force, which covers southern Chesterfield, Colonial Heights, Hopewell, Dinwiddie, Amelia and Petersburg.

Pretrial Services Program

The Pretrial Services Program assists the courts in determining which offenders must remain in jail and those who qualify for release on bond, or pre-trial supervision, while awaiting trial. The program is designed for non-violent offenders and helps preserve jail facilities for violent criminals. This effort alleviates overcrowding in the jail while saving taxpayers' dollars. The office seeks funding from the Department of Corrections to establish and maintain this program.

Victim/Witness Assistance Program

The Victim/Witness Assistance Program provides direct services to victims of crime in Chesterfield County, including explanation of the criminal justice process, court escorts and referrals to other local agencies for counseling and/or financial assistance. The program includes a Domestic Violence Unit, as well as a Sexual Assault Services Coordinator. Each victim's case is given personal attention, with services designed to meet the needs of the victim and victim's family member's individual needs.