Personal Property Taxes

Assessment Methods for Personal Property

Chesterfield County levies a tax each calendar year on personal property with situs in the county. All property must first be registered with the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The exception to this is boats, which must first be registered with the Department of Wildlife Resources or the U.S. Coast Guard and then must be registered with the Commissioner of the Revenue.

All property is taxable, based on ownership. Proration is the method of taxation monthly for the portion of the calendar year personal property is owned and/or located in the jurisdiction. Personal property taxes on automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, low speed vehicles and motor homes are prorated monthly. Boats, trailers and airplanes are not prorated. For questions regarding mobile homes, please contact the Commissioner of the Revenue at 804-748-1281 or email the Commissioner's Office.

Learn more regarding personal property that has been purchased, sold or moved; tax relief, tax classifications and tax exemptions; as well as how to appeal personal property tax assessments.

Assessing Information

Personal Property tax is based on the value of motor vehicles, motorcycles, boats and trailers that are stored, garaged or parked in Chesterfield County using various pricing guides.

All personal property is taxable, even unlicensed and/or inoperable vehicles. This property must be filed on or before the first business day of March, each year, for as long as you own it.

Pricing Guides

The following pricing guides are used to determine your assessed value:

  • NADA - National Automobile Dealers Association Official Guide, as of Jan. 1
  • CPI - Collectible Vehicle Value Guide, as of Jan. 1
  • ABOS - Marine Blue Book-Low Trade-In

Personal Property Categories

Personal property categories include aircraft, automobiles and trucks, boats, heavy equipment, low speed vehicles, mobiles homes, motor homes/RVs, motorcycles, and trailers.

Aircraft (Includes Helicopters and Hot Air Balloons) - Not Prorated

  • Assessment based on the aircraft bluebook digest, using the wholesale figure
  • Percentage of original cost based on year purchased

Personal Taxable Property

The Board of Supervisors establishes a personal property tax rate each year. The tax rate may vary according to category.

Automobiles and Trucks$3.60
Low Speed Vehicles$3.60
Motor Homes$3.60
Clean and Special Fuel Vehicles$3.24
Fire and Rescue Volunteers and Auxiliary; Sheriff’s Auxiliary - Eligible Vehicles$0.91
Interstate Motor Carriers - Vehicles, Trailers and Semi-Trailers$0.91
Manufactured Homes Used as Residences$0.91
Adaptive Equipment Vehicles$0.01

Calculating Personal Property Tax

Personal property tax relief applies to up to $20,000 of the vehicle's accessed value. View the following examples how to calculate personal property tax.

Personal Use Vehicle with an Assessed Value of $20,000 or Less

Example - Assessed value of $19,300:

  • Calculate the tax based on rate:
    $19,300 x .036 = $694.80 (for 12 months)
  • Calculate personal property relief:
    50% (for 2023) x $694.80 = $347.40
  • Reduce the tax by the relief amount:
    $694.80 - $347.40 = $347.40
  • Annual Tax Amount = $347.40 (This does not include the registration fee, which is currently set at $20 per vehicle.)