General District Court

Notice Regarding Face Coverings, Remote Hearings and COVID-19 Screenings

Unless fully vaccinated pursuant to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines, all persons aged five (5) and older should wear a face covering that covers the nose and mouth when entering the Chesterfield Courthouses. It is expected that visitors will supply their own face covering. 

Please noteA presiding judge may require all persons to wear a face covering inside the courtroom in which that judge presides.  

The Court can conduct remote hearings as appropriate. Please visit the Remote Appearances webpage for complete information and view the Motion for Remote Hearing Form (PDF).

The Sheriff’s Office will initiate health/temperature screening of visitors at the main entrances of both courthouses as a condition of entry. Social distancing remains in effect.

If anyone is turned away due to screening results who is also a participant in a hearing, the Sheriff’s Office will immediately advise the presiding judge. Such persons may still participate in a scheduled hearing by telephone from outside the courthouse at the discretion of the presiding judge.

Courts’ Response to COVID-19

Visit the Courts' Response to COVID-19 webpage. View the Declaration of Judicial Emergency ordered by the Supreme Court of Virginia.

Current Information Regarding Court Operations and Public Services

Public Advisory - Telephone Scam Alert

Please view the public advisory regarding the Telephone Scam Alert (PDF).

Audio-Visual Upgrades in Chesterfield Courts

With the assistance of many departments and agencies, Chesterfield Courts are making progress on a project to upgrade audio-visual technology in all 17 courtrooms.

About General District Court

The General District Court presides over:

  • Civil cases
    • involving amounts up to $25,000
    • recovery of personal property
  • Small claims
    • Up to $5,000
    • personal property valued up to $5,000
  • Criminal Cases
    • Felony preliminary hearings
    • Misdemeanor trials
  • Traffic Court

Cases for all three divisions can be accessed by docket number or name on the Virginia Judicial System Website.

Access Cases Online

  1. Log into the Virginia Judicial System website.
  2. Select General District Court under Case Status and Information.
  3. Select “Chesterfield GDC”
  4. Access by Name, Case Number, or Date


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