Notice Regarding Face Coverings, Remote Hearings and COVID-19 Screenings

All persons (ages 5 years or older) are required to wear a face mask and/or face shield that covers the nose and mouth for entry into and circulation within Chesterfield Courts.

The Sheriff’s Office will verbally screen all individuals entering the courthouse for COVID-19 illness symptoms.

If anyone is turned away due to screening results who is also a participant in a hearing, the Sheriff’s Office will immediately advise the presiding judge. Such persons may still participate in a scheduled hearing by remote technologies from outside the courthouse at the discretion of the presiding judge.

The Court can conduct remote hearings as appropriate. Please visit the Remote Appearances webpage for complete information and view the Motion for Remote Hearing Form (PDF).

Please noteA presiding judge may adjust any of these provisions as deemed necessary.

Courts’ Response to COVID-19

Visit the Courts' Response to COVID-19 webpage. View the Declaration of Judicial Emergency ordered by the Supreme Court of Virginia.

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