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Planning a Special Event on County Property?

Whether you are planning a cross country race, a car show, or other special event on County property, you will need to complete and submit a Special Event Permit Application (PDF). All special events held on parks and recreation property, school property and select County property require a Special Event Permit Application to be completed and submitted to the Parks and Recreation Department.

Events are subject to approval from various County departments, depending on the nature of your event. Insurance coverage is required. Consult the Special Event Information (PDF) before planning your event.

If you have any questions regarding your event, please contact us Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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Steps to Take

  1. Secure the facility. You must check availability and schedule the park facility before proceeding. Contact the Parks and Recreation Department to determine if date of event is available and the event is appropriate for Parks and Recreation facilities. Events held on school property may be passed along to the School Facility Scheduler for approval.
  2. Complete the Special Event Permit Application (PDF) in detail and submit at minimum of 30 days in advance of the event. Incomplete applications will not be processed.
  3. Applications will be routed to various County departments to screen for compliance with County ordinances and policies:
    • Building Inspection
    • Commissioner of the Revenue
    • Fire and EMS
    • Health
    • Police
    • Risk Management
    • Virginia Department of Transportation
    • And others as deemed necessary
  4. Event organizers are responsible for obtaining any additional permits or documentation from the other departments.
  5. The County requires a Certificate of Insurance (PDF) naming Chesterfield County and the Department of Parks and Recreation as additional insured and Certificate Holder with at least $1 million in liability coverage from the special event applicant / organization / sponsor, all vendors, and most equipment to include stages, bounce houses, tents and more.
  6. Email completed applications to Ronnie Hobson or Scott Tingen.
  7. Once in compliance with the requirements of the various departments, your application will be approved.
  8. No permits will be issued if these steps are not followed.