Learning and Performance Center

Providing Developmental Experiences and Consulting Services

The Learning and Performance Center (LPC) is the learning organization for Chesterfield County employees and assists the county by providing developmental experiences and consulting services that promote individual and organizational success.

External Consulting Services

In addition to providing learning opportunities to Chesterfield County employees, LPC offers consulting services to other non-profit and public sector organizations. These services include working with agencies on process improvements, teambuilding efforts, strategic planning, and training and facilitation.

  1. Learning and Performance Center Classes

Learning and Performance Center Classes

Interested parties may attend LPC’s regularly scheduled classes. These classes are delivered primarily in the Lane B. Ramsey County Administration Building on the County Government Complex.

Per-person fees for attending LPC classes are based on class duration:

  • Two-hour class - $100 per person
  • Half-day class - $125 per person
  • Full-day class - $200 per person

Please reach out to the Learning and Performance Center for class inquiries.

  1. Customer Site Classes
  1. Curriculum Development


LPC has partnered with the following agencies, among others, to provide training and consulting services to meet a variety of organizational needs:

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to work with the team at LPC. As PlanRVA prepared for our new office space, we wanted to take a complete approach to examining our work and operating practices, including communications. The team at LPC helped us design a unique training program curriculum focused on individual and team development and learning. Our staff members learned more about their own and their team members’ communication styles and effective means of communication across preferences. We then used that foundation to establish new expectations for communications both internally and externally. We are grateful for the chance to work with the team at LPC and look forward to future projects together!

- Martha Shickle, executive director of PlanRVA

  1. Non-Profit Sector

Non-Profit Sector

  • Community Transportation Association of VA
  • Lucy Corr Village
  • PlanRVA
  • Saint Joseph's Villa
  • Treasurers Association of VA
  • United Methodist Family Services
  • Virginia Council on Juvenile Detention
  1. Public Sector