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Why Chesterfield County?

The Chesterfield County Police Department is located in central Virginia and adjoins the City of Richmond. With over 400 square miles of parks, trails, attractions and other opportunities, you can decide your lifestyle. These will also be the areas you will be patrolling.

We understand that many of our applicants are from out of the area or state. We hope that these tools will help if you decide to relocate to our county. View videos about life in Chesterfield County. Additionally, you can learn more about the Chesterfield County Police Department through our bi-weekly podcast, which can be found on Spotify. SoundCloud, YouTube and Apple Podcasts. Listen to what officers are up to, what's new in the department and hear from Chesterfield County Police Chief Colonel Jeffrey S. Katz. We look forward to sharing some behind-the-scenes conversations with our listeners.

Our recruiters are here for you and your quality of life matters. We want you, your family and your friends to be comfortable, informed and excited about starting a career in law enforcement with our department.

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