REVIVE Program

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Access free Narcan to save a life

REVIVE! is the state’s opioid overdose and naloxone education program, and is offered to professionals, stakeholders and others so that they can learn how to recognize and respond to opioid overdose emergencies by administering naloxone.

Virginia Opioid Addiction Crisis Background

In November 2016, State Health Commissioner Marissa J. Levine, MD, MPH, FAAFP, declared the Virginia opioid addiction crisis a public health emergency.

Save Lives of Those Experiencing Opioid Overdose

In an effort to prevent fatal opioid overdoses, Chesterfield County has launched an In-House and a Mobile program to provide training and free medication, naloxone (also known as NARCAN®), to the community. During the 1.5-hour trainings, participants will learn about how to administer naloxone and about resources available in the community.

NARCAN Nasal Spray

NARCAN nasal spray is a prescription medication used to treat an opioid emergency, such as an overdose or a possible overdose, when a person has breathing problems and is not able to respond. The nasal spray is fast acting, safe and easy to administer and may restore breathing and reduce the potentially fatal effects of opioid overdoses.  

Emergency Medical Services

Please note that while using naloxone may temporarily reverse the effects of an opioid emergency, it is still necessary to activate emergency medical services immediately for anyone experiencing an opioid emergency. The medicine in naloxone has no effect on people who are not taking opioid medicines.

REVIVE! Training and Narcan Distribution

Access information about REVIVE training dates and learn who should have naloxone.

Medication Distribution

Learn how you can obtain naloxone spray and save lives.

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