Therapeutic Recreation

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About Therapeutic Recreation

Therapeutic Recreation offers leisure and recreational activities to enhance the health, independence and well-being of individuals with Intellectual, Physical, Emotional, and Developmental disabilities.

Inclusion Services

Inclusion Services are offered year-round for people with disabilities.

Adaptive ArcherySummer Camps

Summer Camps provide a variety of opportunities for children and young adults aged 13 and older with disabilities. Our summer camps provide an exploration of various leisure activities with an emphasis on physical and leisure skill development. Community outings may include a trip to the pool, kayaking or fishing. In addition, we offer inclusion opportunities at all our summer camps sites.

Miracle League PlaygroundAccessible Playgrounds

Essential Eligibility Requirements

Essential Eligibility Requirements ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for individuals both with and without disabilities. The requirements outline general prerequisite skills regarding safety, endurance, behaviors, personal care and medical issues. Essential Eligibility Requirements will be sent out with the Participant Profile. If an individual cannot meet all the requirements, the Therapeutic Recreation staff will assist in finding a more suitable program.

Instructors & Staff Needed

Instructors are needed to assist with recreation activities and classes in dance, fitness, crafts, hobbies and sports for youth and adults with disabilities. Call 804-751-4134 and include the Course Proposal Form (PDF).

Therapeutic Recreation summer camp staff and inclusion coaches are needed during the summer. Information about employment opportunities and the online application process can be found on the Career Opportunities page.