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About Therapeutic Recreation

Therapeutic Recreation offers educational and recreational activities to help individuals with intellectual, physical, emotional and/or developmental disabilities develop and refresh their minds and bodies in ways that enhance their health, independence and well-being. View the current programs being offered. View additional opportunities through community partner Sportable and co-sponsors Step N Up, Miracle League and Special Olympics.

Inclusion Services

Inclusion services are offered year-round for people with disabilities. We provide leisure opportunities and recreation programs which are open and accessible to all, and we invite individuals with disabilities to take part in any course or program we offer. To ensure an individual’s success in a program, staff known as inclusion coaches provide assistance based on reasonable accommodations. To request an inclusion coach for a summer camp or program:

  1. Choose a program and request an inclusion coach during the registration process. Allow at least two weeks’ notice prior to the program to make reasonable accommodations.
  2. A participant profile will be emailed to the participant to be completed and returned.
  3. Therapeutic recreation staff will facilitate communication between the inclusion coach and the parent/participant before the program begins.
  4. The inclusion coach will make modifications as needed to assist the participant in the program.

Benefits of utilizing inclusion services for programs and activities include opportunities to develop a sense of belonging, exercise pro-social modeled behaviors, expand creativity, increase independence, learn new skills and make friends.

Essential Eligibility Requirements

Essential Eligibility Requirements ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for individuals both with and without disabilities. The requirements outline general prerequisite skills regarding safety, endurance, behaviors, personal care and medical issues. If an individual cannot meet all the requirements, the Therapeutic Recreation staff will assist in finding a more suitable program.

Summer Camps

Summer Camps provide a variety of opportunities for children and young adults aged 13 and older with disabilities. Our summer camps provide an exploration of various leisure activities with an emphasis on physical and leisure skill development. Community outings may include a trip to the pool, kayaking or fishing. In addition, we offer inclusion opportunities at all our summer camps sites.

Instructors and Staff Needed

Instructors are needed to assist with recreation activities and classes in dance, fitness, crafts, hobbies and sports for youth and adults with disabilities. 

Therapeutic Recreation summer camp staff and inclusion coaches are needed during the summer. Information about employment opportunities and the online application process can be found on the Employment and Volunteer Opportunities tab on the Parks and Recreation About page.

Accessible Playgrounds

Miracle League Playground
Adaptive Archery