Fences, Walls & Screening

All fence, wall, or screening requirements should be verified using the Chesterfield County Zoning Ordinance. You may also need to check individual parcel files for zoning or site conditions that may apply to your proposed project. The files can be viewed in the Planning department or you may contact our office for assistance.

General Requirements

Prior to digging fence post holes, please call "Miss Utilities" at 800-552-7001, so they can mark the location of underground utility lines. Finally, be sure to check for easement and property line locations on your survey prior to contacting the Planning Department for assistance.

Fences which are placed on your property without your permission are a civil matter and not enforced by Chesterfield County.

Security fences are required around swimming pools and shall be at least 4 feet in height. Barrier permits are required for security fences around swimming pools. Please contact Building Inspections for more details at 804-748-1057.

For questions regarding retaining walls, please contact Planning.


Fences and walls can be up to 7 feet in height in the side and rear yards, and up to 4 feet in height in the front and corner side yards. On corner lots no fence or wall shall be above a height of 2 feet within 30 feet in either direction of the corner. The Zoning ordinance does not provide setback or architectural/material requirements for residential fences. You may need to check the restrictive covenants of your neighborhood in regards to any fence, wall or screening you wish to install. Covenants and lot surveys can be obtained from the Circuit Court Record room or your community association office. Private covenants are not regulated or enforced through Chesterfield County.

At intersections of driveways with streets, no structure or planting which might obstruct vision between a height of two feet six" and a height of eight feet shall be permitted within a visibility triangle created by measuring ten feet in from the intersection of a driveway boundary and property lines away from the driveway with the ends of the two ten-foot lines connected in a straight line to form the visibility triangle

Commercial & Industrial

Screening for dumpsters, mechanical equipment, outside storage areas, and truck dock or loading areas are typically required to be designed and constructed of materials similar in color and finish to the building(s) on site. Fences, if allowed, should be designed with alternating boards that provides for two quality material faces. If a solid board fence is used the flat, quality face shall face the adjacent property and the visual structure side shall face toward the project site.