Hire an Off-Duty Officer

The Chesterfield County Police Department offers a variety of options for businesses and organizations seeking to hire off-duty officers for one-time events or continuous assignments. The department offers three types of contractual off-duty employment, which vary in cost. View information about each type of employment (PDF).

General Guidelines for Off-Duty Employment

  • Employees may work a maximum of 30 hours of off-duty regular or extra-duty employment per calendar week. The calendar week begins at 0001 hours on Saturday and ends at 2400 hours on Friday.
  • Personnel will not be allowed to work more than 17 hours on any day.
  • Work hours for off-duty employment must not conflict or interfere with the police employee’s regular work schedule or performance of duty.
  • A police officer engaged in off-duty employment is subject to call-out in case of emergency, and is expected to leave the off-duty or extra employment in such situations.
  • When a police officer is engaged in off-duty employment and a situation arises that requires police action, the officer is expected to take the same action they would if they were in an on-duty status.
  • Officers are expected to respond to all serious calls in the area when working off-duty.
  • Permission for a police employee to engage in outside employment may be revoked when it is determined not to be in the best interests of the department.
  • Employers are required to keep records as to the dates, times, and specific officers who worked.
  • These records shall be housed no less than three years and shall be made available to the Chesterfield County Police Department upon request.
  • Officers are expected to be paid a three-hour minimum.
  • The police department reserves the right to set a minimum number of officers working at any one event.
  • The police department is not obligated to furnish officers if they do not voluntarily sign up.
  • Failure to comply with any General Guidelines may result in the revocation of off-duty employment of officers.

For more information or to hire off-duty officers, please email the Police Department or call the Off-Duty Employment Coordinator at 804-717-6162