Zoning Code Compliance

Zoning Code Compliance Inspections, Violations & Programs

Zoning code compliance can contribute to clean, attractive and safe neighborhoods.

Code violations are primarily addressed on a complaint basis. However, there are proactive enforcement measures and programs including the proactive sign enforcement program and the volunteer sign removal program for illegal portable signs in the right of way. Additional proactive programs include landfill inspections and monitoring of electronic messaging signs for compliance with conditions. Complaints and concerns from the public related to potential zoning violations are investigated by zoning staff. Code enforcement issues include, but are not limited to:

  • Commercial vehicle parking on residential lots
  • Fences that are too tall
  • Home occupations exceeding restrictions
  • Keeping stock farm animals in a residential district
  • Keeping too many dogs or cats in a residential district
  • Overcrowding
  • Recreational equipment not stored in the rear yard or connected to utilities
  • Signage
  • Use of property not permitted within the district

Report Code Enforcement Issues online.

Zoning inspectors will work to obtain voluntary compliance and, if necessary, initiates court action to obtain compliance.