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Tourism and Leisure
Tourism and Leisure - Designated Landmarks

CastlewoodVisit the Preservation Committee page to learn more about preserving historic resources through the Chesterfield County Historic Districts and Landmarks Ordinance.

The following properties are currently on the list of Chesterfield County Designated Landmarks:


Designation Name Address Year Built Public Access?
Adventure Hill 11801 Winterpock Road 1830s-1840s No
Bellgrade 11400 West Huguenot Road 1824 Yes (limited)
Bellwood (Auburn Chase) 8000 Jefferson Davis Highway 1797-1804 Yes (limited)
Castlewood 10201 Iron Bridge Road 1820 Yes
Chalkley Residence 4600 Centralia Road 1920 No
Chester Collegiate Institute 12133 Richmond Street 1893 No
Chester Presbyterian Church 3424 West Hundred Road 1878 Yes (limited)
Chesterfield County Clerk's Office of 1828 Government Center Complex 1828 Yes
Chesterfield County Clerk's Office of 1889 Government Center Complex 1889 Yes
Chesterfield County Courthouse of 1917 Government Center Complex 1917 Yes
Chesterfield County Jail of 1892 Government Center Complex 1892 Yes
Circle Oaks 4510 Centralia Road 1889 No
Clarke Residence 4515 Centralia Road 1917 No
Clover Hill 16401 Clover Hill Road 1820 No
Davis Hall On Virginia State University Campus 1920 Yes (limited)
Dellwood 6100 Woodpecker Road 1869 No
Eppington 14602 Eppes Falls Road 1770 Yes (limited)
Falling Creek Ironworks 2046 Marina Drive Est. 1619 Yes (limited)
First Baptist Church of Centralia 4412 Centralia Road Replica of original 1915 building Yes (limited)
Fuqua Farm 8700 Bethia Road 1850 No
George Purdue House (Beach Station) 11410 Beach Road 1900 Yes (limited)
Glenconner (Chester Hill) 2810 Swineford Road 1844 No
Green Level 7700 Hickory Road 1907 No
Grymes House 4540 Centralia Road 1904 No
Hallsborough Tavern 16300 Midlothian Turnpike 1833 Yes (limited)
Hatcher-Gregory House 3810 West Hundred Road 1910 Yes (limited)
Home Economics Cottage 3909 West Hundred Road 1923 No
Howlett Farm 18101 LeMaster Road 1820 No
Ivymont House 14111 Midlothian Turnpike 1850 Yes (limited)
Magnolia Grange 10020 Iron Bridge Road 1822 Yes
Miss Minor's Female Academy 4330 School Street 1903 No
Morrissette House 1400 Salisbury Drive 1911 No
Mount Malady 12501 Bermuda Triangle Road 1942 No
Oakden (Oakland) 3601 Curtis Street 1857 No
O.B. Gates Residence 8011 Gates Bluff Place 1900 No
Perdue House 12200 Percival Street 1902-1903 No
Perdue-Mitchell House (Beach Station) 11400 Beach Road 1890-1900 Yes (limited)
Physic Hill 14300 Physic Hill Road 1815 No
Point of Rocks 1011 Point of Rocks Road 1871 Yes (limited)
Ragland House 4626 Centralia Road 1910 No
Salem Baptist Church 5930 Centralia Road 1797 Yes (limited)
Shirley Seminary/Truehart House 12141 Richmond Street 1870 No
Swift Creek Mill (Playhouse) 17401 Jefferson Davis Road 1850s Yes (limited)
Traebue's Tavern 11940 Old Buckingham Road 1732 No
Tyler House 12124 Richmond Street 1915 No
Vawter Hall and Old President's House On Virginia State University Campus 1908, 1913 Yes (limited)
Ware Bottom Spring North of Ware Bottom Springs Road, East of Ramblewood Road (1600 Old Bermuda Hundred Road) Site of Civil War battle in 1864 Yes
Yellow House 3001 West Hundred Road 1856 No


Many of these properties are private homes and are not open to the public. Addresses are provided for informational purposes only. Please respect the privacy of private homeowners.