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Stormwater Management Program

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Environmental Engineering
Stormwater Utility Frequently Asked Questions

Stormwater fee

How will my bill arrive?

The stormwater utility fee will be included as a separate line item on the real estate tax bill. If a property does not receive a real estate tax bill, a bill for the stormwater utility will be issued. It will be billed to the property owner of record.

My property is tax-exempt. Am I required to pay the stormwater utility fee?  

Yes. The stormwater utility fee is not a tax, but a fee based on the property’s impervious areas. If a property does not receive a real estate tax bill, a bill for the stormwater utility will be issued.

What is an impervious area?

Artificial structures—such as pavements (roads, sidewalks, driveways and parking lots) that are covered by impenetrable materials such as asphalt, concrete, brick, stone—and rooftops. Areas of significant contribution of stormwater pollutants.

How is my impervious area calculated?

The impervious area of a property is determined by using

  • aerial photography
  • as-built drawings
  • final approved site plans
  • building permits
  • field surveys
  • other appropriate engineering and mapping analysis tools

Here is a commercial property fee example using aerial photography. The property is outlined below and the impervious area is shown in red hatching.

Impervious Area Sample Fee Calculation 

I think that the impervious area calculated for my property is incorrect? What should I do?

The stormwater utility ordinance allows for property owners to petition for adjustments to their stormwater utility fee.

I own a commercial property and have made some improvements to my property that changed the impervious area (larger parking lot or building size). Will my stormwater utility fee change?

Yes. Changes to fees will go into effect once the certificate of occupancy is issued or the land disturbance permit is closed. The Director will forward any fee alterations to the Treasurer for inclusion on the next real estate tax bill.

I believe that there may be an error to my fee. How do I make a request for an adjustment?

The property owner must complete and submit an application for adjustment to the Department of Environmental Engineering no later than June 5, 2018. Applications may be submitted by:

  • Email 
  • Mail to:
    Chesterfield County
    Department of Environmental Engineering
    P.O. Box 40
    Chesterfield, Virginia 23832
  • Hand-delivered to:
    Chesterfield County Community Development Building (3rd Floor)
    Department of Environmental Engineering
    9800 Government Center Parkway
    Chesterfield, VA 23832

I live in a subdivision with stormwater BMPs and drainage infrastructure. Why do I have to pay the stormwater utility fee?

Neighborhoods with existing stormwater conveyance and retention or detention ponds still contribute runoff and pollution to the overall drainage system. The program’s costs are distributed to all county property owners because stormwater management is a countywide service.

Who pays the stormwater utility fee?

Developed residential and commercial (nonresidential) properties are subject to the stormwater utility fee. Undeveloped property, defined as any property that has less than or equal to two hundred fifty square feet of impervious area, does not pay a stormwater utility fee.

What is the fee based on?

The fee is based on impervious area represented as an equivalent residential unit (ERU), calculated as 2,800 square feet. An ERU is approximately equal to the average impervious area for all single family detached parcels in the county.

How much will I pay (fee rates)?

  • Residential property owners pay $25 per year (one ERU) for single family detached homes.
  • Townhome and condominium owners pay $7.50 per year (30% of one ERU).
  • Commercial properties (e.g., nonresidential and rental multifamily properties) are charged based on the total amount of impervious area on the site and the resulting ERUs, at a rate of $25 per ERU per year.  
  • Commercial properties that drain to stormwater management facilities or participate in pollution reduction programs receive a partial credit in the stormwater utility fee as outlined in the credit policy. 
  • Exempt properties include
    • Federal, state, local and public entities that hold a permit to discharge stormwater
    • Undeveloped properties  

Can I petition for an adjustment of my stormwater fee?

The stormwater utility ordinance allows for property owners to petition for adjustments to their stormwater utility fee. Grounds for adjustments of the fee are limited to the following:

  • An error was made regarding the calculation of the square footage of commercial properties. The fee for developed residential properties is a flat fee and cannot be appealed.
  • The property is exempt from the fee, but received a bill in error.
  • The identification of the property owner billed is in error.
  • There is a mathematical error in calculating the stormwater utility fee.
  • An approved credit for commercial properties was incorrectly applied.