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FAQ - Are there different types of Protective Orders?
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Frequently Asked Questions

Subject: Are there different types of Protective Orders?

Question: Are there different types of Protective Orders?

Answer: Emergency Protective Order  An Emergency Protective Order will be requested automatically if an arrest for assault & battery has been made. The order expires 72 hours after it is issued.  If the court is not in session, at the time of expiration, it will expire at 5:00 PM on the next business day that the court is in session. Preliminary Protective Order A Preliminary Order can be obtained if a recent act of family abuse has occurred or in cases of immediate and present danger.  Petitions should be filed directly by the petitioner at the Juvenile Domestic Relations Court Intake Office. The petition can be requested without an attorney and there is no required fee. The preliminary order lasts for 15 days and is effective after the abuser is personally served with the order. A full hearing will be held within the 15 days allowing the abuser an opportunity to respond. This order starts the process for obtaining a Permanent Protective Order. Permanent Protective Order  A Permanent Protection Order will be issued if the court finds that the petitioner (victim) has proven his/her allegation. The order will be valid for a specific amount of time up to 2 years. The order is effective once it is served on the abuser.

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