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Architectural and Engineering Services - Prototypes
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Architectural and Engineering Services-Prototypes

User: School  Type: Requirement

Contract Officer: Delores Ingram
Contact Information: ingramd@chesterfield.gov or 804-748-1930

Commodity: Architectural and Engineering Services-Prototypes

RRMM Architects PC (Middle Schools)
Contract #: 16-1599     Term: 1/5     Term Expires: 8/31/2018 

Cooperative Procurement Clause Included:
RRMM Architects PC (Elementary Schools)
Contract #: 16--1445     Term: 1/5     Term Expires: 6/20/2021 

Cooperative Procurement Clause Included:

Supporting Documents
RFP 16-1599
Service Agreement 16-1599
Service Agreement 16-1445
RFP 16-1445

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