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Audit and Finance Committee
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Clerk to the Board of Supervisors
Janice Blakley

Phone numbers
Office: (804)-748-1200
Fax: (804)-717-6297

Mailing address
P.O. Box 40
Chesterfield, VA 23832

Board meeting locations

Afternoon sessions
Lane B. Ramsey Administration Building (Room 502)
9901 Lori Road
Chesterfield, VA 23832Map this

Evening sessions
Public Meeting Room
10001 Iron Bridge Road
Chesterfield, VA 23832Map this

Boards-Commissions and Committees

Audit and Finance Committee

The Committee assists the Board of Supervisors and School Board in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities for budgeting, financial reporting, internal control systems, and audit processes (internal and external). Included in this committee are focus areas of capital projects, technology and employee benefit strategies. Example of agenda topics include:

  • Internal Audit Reports
  • Capital Projects and Five-Year Plan Update
  • External Audit Contract Renewal-Selection
  • Technology Systems Update
  • External Auditor Pre-audit Overview
  • Periodic Year-End Financial Projections
  • Fund Balance and Debt Policy Compliance Projections
  • Proposed Internal Audit Plan
  • Internal Audit Annual Report
  • Closed session with elected officials to provide feedback for performance review of Internal Audit Director
  • Preliminary Year-End Financial Results
  • Employee Benefits Update
  • Financial Policies Update
  • External Audit Post-Audit Overview
  • Draft Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
  • Next Fiscal Year Budget Process
  • Investment Income and Tax Collection Update
  • Citizens Budget Advisory Committee Update (County and Schools)

The Committee will communicate activities of the committee to other Board of Supervisors and School Board members; including the posting of agenda, reports, presentations and notes on the website for engagement with interested parties and transparency of meeting; as applicable and under State Code provisions.

There is also a County-School Liaison Committee (CSLC) to address all non-audit and fiscal topics

Meeting Information

Meets five times/year (April, June, August, October and November) and other dates as deemed necessary by Committee.

Location - Lane B. Ramsey Administration Building, 9901 Lori Road Room 502, Chesterfield VA 23832 (unless otherwise posted)

Meeting Dates Agendas Notes Materials
June 13, 2018 06-13-2018 Agenda  06-13-2018 Notes 06-13-2018 Materials
April 10, 2018 04-10-2018 Agenda  04-10-2018 Notes   04-10-2018 Materials 
March 12, 2018  03-12-2018 Agenda  03-12-2018 Notes  03-12-2018 Materials 
February 7, 2018 02-07-2018 Agenda  02-07-2018 Notes  02-07-2018 Materials 
December 14, 2017 12-14-2017 Agenda  12-14-2017 Notes  12-14-2017 Materials 
November 15, 2017 11-15-2017 Agenda  11-15-2017 Notes  11-15-2017 Materials 
October 31, 2017 10-31-2017 Agenda  10-31-2017 Notes    10-31-2017 Materials 
September 25, 2017 09-25-2017 Agenda  09-25-2017 Notes  09-25-2017 Materials 
August 7, 2017 08-07-2017 Agenda  08-07-2017 Notes  08-07-2017 Materials 
June 14, 2017 06-14-2017 Agenda  06-14-2017 Notes  06-14-2017 Materials 
April 7, 2017 04-07-2017 Agenda  04-07-2017 Notes  04-07-2017 Materials 
February 8, 2017 02-08-2017 Agenda  02-08-2017 Notes  02-08-2017 Materials 
December 14, 2016 12-14-2016 Agenda   12-14-2016 Notes   12-14-2016 Materials   
November 16, 2016 11-16-2016 Agenda   11-16-2016 Notes  11-16-2016 Materials 


4 - Two members of the Board of and two members of the School Board, appointed by respective Chairmen.

  • Steve Elswick, Board of Supervisors
  • Chris Winslow, Board of Supervisors
  • John Erbach, School Board
  • Javaid Siddiqi, School Board
  • Supporting staff
    • Joseph Casey, County Administrator
    • James Lane, School Superintendent
    • Greg Akers, Internal Audit Director
    • Allan Carmody, Finance Director
    • Christina Berta, Assistant School Superintendent
    • Mary Martin-Selby, Human Resources Director

Staff Contact - Allan Carmody – 804-748-1600

Term of Service - Serves at the pleasure of the respective Chairman

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