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07-06-16 Chesterfield County Earns 18 National Achievement Awards for Innovative Programs from NACo
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2016 News Releases

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Chesterfield County Earns 18 National Achievement Awards for Innovative Programs from NACo

July 06, 2016
Public Affairs

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, VA— Chesterfield County recently received 18 achievement awards from the National Association of Counties. The 2016 award winners are:

Comprehensive Services – Community Care Mobile App – This app is a one-stop, convenient place for users to find information about Chesterfield County and Colonial Heights right at their fingertips. The department collects various local and state resources in one place so that users can easily find and make connections with resources in their communities.            

Planning Department – Improving Community Involvement in Planning – Increased community involvement was solicited for the Bikeways and Trails Plan and the Bon Air Special Area Plan. A variety of approaches were used to reach a broad populations including online surveys, open-house-style community meetings, partnerships with community organizations and advocacy groups, dedicated websites, social media and traditional media, and online streaming of public meetings.         

Utilities – Providing Extraordinary Customer Care to the Customers with Safety in Mind for Employees – A team of Utilities staff created a new walk-in area for the billing and customer-service section of the department that improved customer service and also addressed employees’ safety concerns.

Budget and Management – Blueprint Chesterfield:  Building a Better Community        – Blueprint Chesterfield is the framework that organizes county practices related to budget and strategic planning into a more coordinated and understandable system, in order to improve communications internally and with the community.

Utilities – Aeration Optimization Program – This program reduces energy usage and wastewater treatment costs and optimizes the removal of phosphorus and nitrogen by improving aeration systems at both of the county’s wastewater facilities.  

Sheriff’s Office – Correctional Facility Energy Savings Project – To reduce energy costs, the intakes to the HVAC units, and the ductwork leading to and from the units, on the roof of the county jail were painted with a rubberized white sealant, a simple, low-cost solution that resulted in operational savings and extends the life of the equipment.

General Services’ Energy Management – Whack-A-Watt – The county invested in a real-time, energy-monitoring system that tracks electric and gas usage in all county middle schools. A three-week competition was held between schools to raise awareness about energy savings and students came up with energy-saving ideas that resulted in reduced consumption and financial savings.

Sheriff’s Office – Bridge Program – This voluntary program provides assistance to jail inmates who are dependent upon drugs. It helps them understand the personal issues that lead to substance abuse and offers a curriculum that teaches skills that empower them to deal with life without the use of drugs and to avoid criminal activity.    

Special Events Radar – This countywide initiative brings organizers and other stakeholders together to organize special events and gatherings in the county, to insure that information is shared about each event so that everyone is prepared and resources and public safety plans are in place.           

Mental Healthy Support Services – Behavioral Health Home Pilot Project – This initiative ensures that integrated, person-centered services for individuals with serious mental or emotional illnesses, who also are at risk of chronic physical health conditions, are monitored through close coordination and collaboration between physical and behavioral service-delivery systems.

Mental Healthy Support Services – Same Day Access – This program enables individuals suffering from mental health and substance abuse issues the ability to have immediate aces to a behavioral health intake and assessment, which enables them to get help sooner. 

Utilities – Improving the Efficiency of the Construction Inspection Process – This program increases the efficiency and productivity of the department’s inspections through mobile-computing technology that enables them to access needed data in the field with the use of mobile devices.   

IST – Portfolio Management – This program enables the county to more effectively manage its technology assets, planning and prioritizing the work in ways that focus on lifecycles of equipment and resources.

Library – Exploring Human Origins:  A Community Conversation – The library engaged the public through community conversations about the origin and evolution of human kind, as part of a traveling exhibit from the Smithsonian Institution, which also included other programs from local universities and locations both inside and outside of the county.     

Library – Ladders to Success - Connecting the Community with Jobs – This program connects residents with businesses and organization who have employment or volunteer opportunities, in addition to teaching job-seeking skills and resume creation. 

Library – Library as Lifeboat:  A Library and Emergency Management Partnership – The library has become a key player in the county’s response to emergency management by providing temporary daytime shelter, access to emergency meals and distribution of information. 

Human Resource Management – VRS Hybrid Defined Contribution Training – This program provide employees hired after Jan. 1, 2014  the information and training they needed to make informed choices about their retirement programs.  

Risk Management – Creating a Positive Safety Culture Through Visible Leadership – Safety topics, based on recent workplace injuries, are shared each month with department leaders to increase awareness and encourage safe behavior among employees.       

“County governments  are leading the way in providing better, more innovative services to residents,” said NACo President Sallie Clark, commissioner, El Paso County, Colorado. “The National Association of Counties applauds these Achievement Award-winning counties for outstanding efforts to strengthen communities across the country.”

Nationally, awards are given in 21 different categories that reflect the vast, comprehensive services counties provide. The categories include children and youth, criminal justice, county administration, environmental protection, information technology, health, civic engagement and many more.

NACo will recognize award-winning counties at its 2016 Annual Conference and Exposition July 22–25 in Los Angeles County, Calif. 

Started in 1970, NACo’s annual Achievement Award Program is designed to recognize innovative county government programs. Each nominee is judged on its own merits and not against other 

The National Association of Counties (NACo) unites America’s 3,069 county governments.  Founded in 1935, NACo brings county officials together to advocate with a collective voice on national policy, exchange ideas and build new leadership skills, pursue transformational county solutions, enrich the public’s understanding of county government and exercise exemplary leadership in public service.  Learn more at www.naco.org. 

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