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Towing Advisory Board
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Towing Advisory Board

 The sole role of the Towing Advisory Board is to advise the Board of Supervisors on: 1) the terms of the Chesterfield County towing services contract; 2) the standards that towing companies should satisfy to be eligible to enter into a Chesterfield County Towing Services Contract; and 3) the towing and vehicle storage fees to be paid to the towing company.
Number of Members: 5 voting members, to include 2 representatives of licensed towing and recovery operators; 2 representatives from local law-enforcement; and 1 member of the general public.

Term of Service:  3-year terms – members may serve two consecutive terms.

Staff Contact: Lt. Adrian Otero - 804-706-2717, oteroa@chesterfield.gov

Meeting Dates: The Towing Advisory Board is required to meet at least once a year.
Meeting Location: Public Meeting Room
Street Address: 10001 Iron Bridge Road, Chesterfield, VA 23832 Map this Meeting

List of Members:Representative:Term Expiration:
Bruce EagleTowing Representative2019-08-31 
Cynthia PearceTowing Representative2019-08-31 
Asbury QuillianCitizen Representative2019-08-31 
Sgt. Bob KemperLaw Enforcement Representative2019-08-31 
Lt. Adrian OteroLaw Enforcement Representative2019-08-31 

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