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08-31-04 Prepare Early For Inclement Weather
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2004 News Releases

For Immediate Release

Prepare Early For Inclement Weather

August 31, 2004
Public Affairs

Chesterfield County, VA - With further inclement weather possible the beginning of next week, Chesterfield County's Emergency Management Coordinator Lynda Price recommended that residents follow these preparation methods:

-Be mindful of approaching storms. Stay abreast of changing weather patterns, and listen to warnings from local and national meteorologists.
-Keep a list of all personal property, such as furniture, clothing and valuables, including monetary values of those items, or use a video camera to record those items. Keep that list or videotape, along with other important documents, in a fireproof, waterproof container.
-Purchase flood insurance. Homeowners insurance does not cover floods.
-Know how to turn off the electricity, gas and water to your home.
-Do not attempt to cross on foot any stretch of floodwater if the water is above your knees, and do not cross it in a vehicle if the water is more than 2 feet deep, especially if the water is over a road. Two feet of water could lift a vehicle or wash away the road surface underneath.
-If caught in a flood, don't try to swim to safety. Get to high ground and wait for help.
-Always have a battery-operated radio, with batteries less than a year old, in a readily accessible place.

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