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08-24-10 Chesterfield County to Partner with Richmond to Revitalize Hull Street Road Corridor
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Chesterfield County to Partner with Richmond to Revitalize 4.7 Miles of Hull Street Road Corridor

August 24, 2010
Revitalization Office
CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, VA — Chesterfield County is partnering with Richmond and Virginia Local Initiatives Support Corp., or LISC, to apply for a grant that would be used to revitalize a 4.7-mile section of Hull Street Road between Walmsley Boulevard in Chesterfield County and just west of Belt Boulevard in Richmond.

The county and city have submitted a combined application seeking a jointly announced U.S. Department of Transportation TIGER II Planning Grant and U.S. Housing and Urban Development Community Challenge Planning Grant. The application is to develop an interjurisdictional, comprehensive revitalization plan for the commercial and residential corridor.

The plan will include economic revitalization, sustainable housing and multimodal transportation elements for a holistic community redevelopment approach developed by a grassroots, citizen-participation process. The application is for $400,000 in federal funds, with a $50,000 match from Chesterfield County, a $50,000 match from Richmond, and in-kind staff contributions from LISC.

"Revitalization of the Hull Street Road corridor is key to the future health of adjacent neighborhoods,” said Chairman Dan Gecker of the Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors. “By all of us working together, we can secure a healthy and vital future for area residents and businesses."

"This interjurisdictional approach toward corridor revitalization benefits everyone involved and maximizes the anticipated return on investment for each jurisdiction," said Richmond Mayor Dwight C. Jones. "We will be looking for a range of housing opportunities, and unique communities offering a good quality of life, including walkability, nearby job opportunities and viable retail options, as well as multiple transportation choices."

Public participation will be vital in order to secure buy-in by stakeholder organizations and individuals. Project organizers will work closely with the community and grassroots organizations as the plan is being developed. The plan is expected to address Hull Street Road improvements, landscaping and streetscape amenities, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, economic revitalization strategies, recreational amenities, and recommendations to improve the existing housing stock.

Grant recipients will be announced this fall. For more information, contact Tom Jacobson, Chesterfield County revitalization director, at 804-748-1040, and Michael Wallace, Richmond public information manager, at 646-2772.

Contact Person:  Tom Jacobson
Contact Email: jacobsont@chesterfield.gov
Contact Phone: 804-748-1040

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