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05-13-10 CitizenGIS Places County Maps, Aerial Photography at Residents’ Fingertips
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CitizenGIS Places County Maps, Aerial Photography at Residents’ Fingertips

May 13, 2010
Information Systems Technology

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, VACitizenGIS, a new online-mapping and aerial-photography feature on chesterfield.gov, is making it easier than ever for the public to access the county’s Geographic Information System.

What used to require a visit to the county government complex to see detailed map layers and aerial photography provided by the county’s Geographic Information System now requires just a visit to chesterfield.gov. CitizenGIS provides detailed electronic map layers showing parcels and property lines, subdivisions, streets, resource protection areas, public easements, fire hydrants, and areas where zoning cases are pending. It also includes layers showing magisterial and school districts, as well as flood plains and other information.

“One of our goals was to make the online mapping features as intuitive as possible for users,” said Nancy Parker, Chesterfield County’s GIS Manager. GIS is a division of the county Information Systems Technology Department.

Once in the application, a user needs not much more than a computer mouse to navigate through the system. If a user knows the street address of a location sought, he or she can type it into the application’s search function to locate it on the screen. Users can scroll in any direction. A zooming feature enables them to increase the size and detail of what’s on the screen, and detailed information about parcels is available with a click. A dynamic map feature also makes details more discernible.

A detailed help guide and “Tips & Tricks” section make an already intuitive system even easier to navigate. CitizenGIS also allows users to bookmark areas they want to revisit.

There are several ways to navigate to CitizenGIS from chesterfield.gov:
• Click on “Online Services” and scroll to “County Mapping Application.”
• Click on “Community” and scroll to “Geographic Information.”
• Click on “How do I …” and scroll to “Find Mapping Information.”

More Information:  CitizenGIS

Contact Person:  Barry Condrey
Contact Phone: 804-748-1590

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