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Providence Middle School Area
Frequently Asked Questions

1.   Will restroom capacity be improved?
Yes. New restrooms will be built and additional fixtures will be installed to improve capacity.

2.   Will the project improve handicap accessibility?
Yes. The entire building will be made accessible via ramps and by an elevator.

3.   What is the proposed design for the main entrance?
A new entrance structure will be built between the two wings, creating an enclosed courtyard. The entrance will house the school offices at a central location, which will promote more secure access to the school.

4.   How will parking be improved at the school with this project?
The project will create a new drop-off and pick-up area at the front of the school. Existing parking areas on the north side of the school will be renovated. New parking areas will be installed along the Starlight Lane frontage of the existing stadium.

5.   Will school capacity be increased?
Yes. Student capacity will be increased to accommodate up to 1,150 students.

6.   Will this project result in redistricting (school attendance zone boundary adjustments)?
The renovation is not scheduled to be complete for three school years. During that time, Chesterfield County Public Schools will evaluate growth in the school attendance zone and be able to better determine if adjustments may be needed.

7.   What is the timing and phasing for construction?
Construction is anticipated to begin in late Fall 2015 and is expected to span three school years.

8.   Will fire safety of the building be improved with this project?
Yes. Building improvements will include fire safety measures.

9.   What is the project cost?
The schools portion of the project is budgeted for $25.9 million. Other county improvement projects are estimated as follows:


Cost Estimate 

School Improvements


Waterline Replacements


Sidewalk Installation


Parks and Recreation Improvements


Neighborhood Enhancement

Indirect costs of existing budgeted services

10. The proposed path through A.M. Davis Elementary School would bring pedestrians near student activity areas.
The proposed path would be separated from student activity areas, constructed beyond the existing driveway that runs along the south side of the school.

11. Will the lighting improvements for the stadium result in less adverse lighting impacts on the neighborhood?
Yes. New lighting will be directional and incorporate shielding technology to minimize glare and adverse lighting impacts on adjacent areas.

12. Noise from the stadium is a nuisance.
The project would not affect the location or use of the stadium. Due to the school site shape and location, the stadium is located adjacent to the Irwindale and Tillers Ridge subdivisions, resulting in noise impacts from occasional stadium events. Events using the stadium public address system are generally limited to football September through November each year on Saturdays and one night per week.

13. How does the Neighborhood Enhancement inspection program work?
Neighborhoods are selected by criteria developed by the Building Inspections Department. These criteria include: building age, condition of neighborhood, and citizen complaints regarding property maintenance violations. Inspectors will inform citizens in each neighborhood in advance of inspections. Inspectors will then field verify and notify citizens whose properties are in violation of property maintenance and zoning codes. Staff will work with property owners to address particular needs and to work towards compliance.

Items inspected through this program include:

  • Broken windows
  • Commercial vehicle parking
  • Debris and refuse
  • Doors
  • Gutters
  • Handrails
  • House numbers
  • More than three adult dogs
  • Recreational vehicle parking
  • Siding
  • Tall grass and weeds
  • Trim
  • Unlicensed/abandoned vehicles

14. How do neighborhoods get added to the list for Neighborhood Enhancement inspections?
The Neighborhood Enhancement program is aimed at improving areas that would most benefit from inspections, including areas for which the most input or complaints from citizens and county departments has been received. You may contact Barry White, property maintenance division supervisor for the Building Inspection Department, at 748-1057, to request that your neighborhood be added. Neighborhoods are continuously evaluated for program eligibility based on factors such as age of housing, extent of rental occupancy and property maintenance violations.

15. Expand Neighborhood Enhancement program to Tillers Ridge subdivision, and roadstrip lots along Ruthers Road.
The Building Inspections Department has included Tillers Ridge subdivision and homes along Ruthers Road in the Neighborhood Enhancement program which will be conducted in conjunction with Providence Middle School renovations.

16. What other schools are planned to be revitalized?
The Capital Improvements Program (CIP) identifies the following schools to be revitalized.


Fiscal Year 


Providence Middle School



Monacan High School



Manchester Middle School



Beulah Elementary School



Enon Elementary School



Matoaca Elementary School



Harrowgate Elementary School



Reams Elementary School



Crestwood Elementary School



New Midlothian Area Elementary School



Ettrick Elementary School



17. What improvements will be made to A.M. Davis Elementary School?
The current project will include several improvements to the A.M. Davis site, but not to the building. Proposed improvements include a new sidewalk along Providence Road; turf, parking, driveway renovation, and new walkways in the playfield area; and a trail connection running from Providence Middle School, along the south side of the A.M. Davis driveway, connecting to Providence Road.

18. Will neighborhood be surveyed for their opinions?
Community input is being obtained through a series of workshops. A separate formal survey process is not planned.

19. Will there be improvements along Starlight Lane?
Current plans include improvements along Starlight Lane, such as: parking spaces between Starlight and the stadium area; a new shared use path along the west side of Starlight Lane; and entrance/student drop-off improvements at the front of the school.

20. When will be the next community meeting?
The next community meeting will be held on Monday, May 18, starting at 4:30 p.m., in the Providence Middle School cafetorium. This will be an open workshop style meeting, with information/discussion tables by topic, including school improvements and road and sidewalk improvements. The public is welcome to come any time between 4:30 and 7:30 p.m., and stay as long or briefly as desired.

2I. Will the sidewalk improvements along Providence Road include pavement repairs?
Yes. This sidewalk project will include pavement and drainage repairs to adjoining road sections.

22. Concern about traffic during school events, especially stadium events, impacting Elkhardt Road.
The project is not anticipated to create additional stadium-related traffic.

23. Will roads in the area be widened?
There are no current plans to widen roads in the area.

24. Need sidewalks along Ruthers Road to serve the area.
The need for sidewalks along Ruthers Road, as well as other roads in the area, will be evaluated. Any funds leftover from the Providence Road sidewalk project will be applied to additional improvements in the area.

25. Sidewalks connecting to Midlothian Turnpike may be unsafe for students.
The proposed sidewalk project along Providence Road will terminate south of Midlothian Turnpike and should not encourage students walking in unsafe areas.

26. What is the source of funds?
The proposed revitalization activities will have different sources of funds, as identified through the county budget.

  • School: School renovation funds will be obtained from the $304 million bond referendum that citizens approved in 2013.
  • Waterline: Waterline replacement funds will be obtained from utilities system revenues and accumulated savings reserved for replacement of aging infrastructure.
  • Sidewalks: Sidewalk construction funds will be obtained from a 50/50 split between county and state funds.
  • Parks and Recreation: Park renovation funds will be obtained from a combination of federal funds provided through the Community Development Block Grant program and by county funds.
  • Neighborhood Enhancement: Neighborhood Enhancement funds will be obtained through normal department budgeting provided through the annual general fund.
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