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Police Department
Frequently Asked Questions


Is there an age limit for becoming a police officer? 

What time is the test? 

What is the address of the test location? 

Are there any study materials for the test? 

What documents and types of ID do I have to bring to the test? 

What if I can't get all my documents together before the test? 

How long will I be at the test? 

Do I get a lunch break? 

Do I wear gym/exercise clothes to the test? 

Is the physical ability test given first? 

What if I am unable to complete the physical ability test? 

What if I fail the physical ability test? 

Is there a time limit on the written test? 

If I need to reschedule the test what do I do? 

I am in the military, but will be getting out soon. When should I apply? 

I'm coming from out of state. Will your department cover the hotel cost? 


What if I can't get the background packet finished before the test? 

I don't know my neighbors; do I have to list them? 

What if I can't remember all my addresses for the background packet? 

What if I was charged with a misdemeanor/felony, will that prevent me from getting the job?  

What if I was charged with possession of marijuana, will that prevent me from getting the job? 

I have a poor driving history, is that a problem? 

Next Steps

How long does it take to find out if I passed the written test? 

What if I fail the written exam? 

When will I be called to come in for an interview? 

If I received a letter saying I am not going forward in the process, can I reapply?  Will you tell me why I was removed from the process?