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Police Department
Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is

  • Residents trained to recognize suspicious or criminal activities.
  • Residents reporting criminal or suspicious activities to the police.
  • Residents keeping informed about activities in their neighborhood.
  • Residents watching for suspicious, criminal or dangerous activities in their neighborhoods.
  • Residents providing valuable information to police to help them investigate suspicious activities.
  • Residents assisting the police in apprehending and preventing crime.

Neighborhood Watch is NOT  

  • A group of vigilantes or people taking the law into their own hands.
  • A program that takes the place of the police.
  • Residents enforcing the law or apprehending criminals.

Want to start a Neighborhood Watch?  Read about Starting Your Neighborhood Watch or call the Neighborhood Watch Coordinator, Master Officer Matthew W. Rogers at 804-318-8549 for more information.


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