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Neighborhood Watch Report Terms
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Jeffrey S. Katz

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Police Department
Neighborhood Watch Report Terms

Call for Service - A call received from a citizen requesting either emergency or non-emergency police response to provide a service or assistance. A call for service is an event occurring in or near Chesterfield County to which one or more Chesterfield County Police employees must respond to evaluate or take action, or an event that comes to the attention of police or is initiated by police that requires formal documentation (e.g., case report, supplemental report or accident report).

Examples: Citizens reporting a shooting, citizens reporting a traffic accident with injuries, citizens reporting a burglary, citizens reporting a ringing alarm bell, officers finding a stolen vehicle, detectives making an arrest, officers searching out and arresting a fugitive, citizens reporting a neighbor problem or suspicious activity.

All calls for service receive a unique call number which serves as the incident identifier for police reference. Upon investigation, some calls for service are called crimes and are classified as incidents for the purpose of reporting to the Virginia State Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
Not all police contacts with the public are calls for service, and not all calls for service are crimes.

Disposition - The status of a call for service falls into one or more of the following categories.  The County Emergency Communications Center's Computer Aided Dispatch system accepts up to five dispositions for each call for service.  For brevity's sake, only the first two dispositions are listed on these reports.

  • Offense Report - A written report was filed in the Police Department's Records Management System that includes all data associated with the call.
  • Accident Report - A written accident report (FR-300) was completed and filed with the Police Department and the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • Other Report - An administrative report such as an animal impoundment was filed.
  • Supplemental Report - Additional information pertaining to an offense report was written and filed within the Police Department's Records Management System.
  • No report - An officer responded to the call but no written report was filed.
  • Information Received - Responding officer received information from a citizen.
  • Summons Issued - An individual was issued a summons for a violation or crime.  The summons may or may not have been related to the initial call for service.
  • Arrest Made - An individual was taken into custody for a violation or crime.  The arrest may or may not have been related to the initial call for service.
  • Warrant Advised - An officer advised a citizen to seek a warrant from a magistrate for a misdemeanor crime that did not occur in the presence of the officer.
  • Advice Given - Responding officer provided guidance or advice to a citizen.
  • Clear on Arrival - Responding officer did not encounter the conditions described by the caller.  For example, caller reported a disabled vehicle at a location and the officer responding to the location did not find the vehicle.
  • Unable to Locate - Responding officer was unable to find the caller.
  • Unfounded - The circumstances described by the caller did not occur.  For example, a caller reported hearing shots fired and the responding officer discovered a car backfiring.
  • Assist Made - Responding officer provided assistance to another responding officer.
  • Cancelled - The call for service is cancelled prior to arrival of the responding officer .
  • Towed Vehicle - A vehicle, either disabled, or administratively seized for a violation of law, is towed from the scene.
  • Warrant Obtained - A responding officer obtained a warrant for an individual or individuals who has violated a law but was not taken into custody.