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Monacan High School Area
Providence Meeting 2 
Project Overview

The Monacan High School project would revitalize the existing school which was built in 1979. School improvements are budgeted for $17.3 million and are anticipated to be completed in 2016.

School Revitalization Plans

  • Project Overview. The project will revitalize the existing school, providing: additional instructional areas for arts and science; a new auxiliary gym for physical education, athletic and community use; and renovated / reoriented front office space to enhance security.
  • Timeline. The project is currently under construction and should be completed by Fall 2016.

Community Revitalization Projects

The school is not located in a revitalization area; therefore no additional community revitalization projects have been planned. However, a new sidewalk is under construction nearby, in the Smoketree subdivision. This sidewalk will run along the north side of Smoketree Drive, between the Smoketree Community Recreation Center and Courthouse Road.

Community Meeting Information

No community revitalization meetings have been held for this project.

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