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Manchester Middle School Area
Manchester MS Exterior Views 
Manchester MS Site Plan 
Project Overview

The Manchester Middle School project would revitalize the existing school which was built in 1964. School improvements are budgeted for $38.1 million and are anticipated to take three years to complete, beginning in 2016. In addition, there are several proposed community revitalization projects in the area, including parks and recreation improvements, walking trails, and property maintenance inspections. The cost, funding sources, and timing for improvements beyond the school are currently under review. However, property maintenance inspections are funded, and should be completed in 2016. Other improvements would occur afterwards.

Manchester Revitalization Area Map 

School Revitalization Plans

  • Project Overview. The project will revitalize the existing school, providing new building systems, expanded building space, new technology infrastructure, enhanced building security, and improved vehicle access. In addition, the project will create a 21st Century Learning Environment, with new infrastructure for instructional technology, space for group collaboration, “maker” spaces, and flexible space supporting a variety of instructional activities. Finally, the project will enhance community access to the facility and expand community space within the building.
  • Timeline. Project construction is planned to begin in 2016 and should be completed by 2019.

Community Revitalization Projects

  • New sidewalks will be provided along the south side of Hull Street Road frontage of the school, with the school improvement project. These improvements should be complete by 2019.
  • Parks and recreation improvements to the Manchester Athletic Complex. These improvements are in the planning stage, and may include: a new shared use path, internal walkways, and turf renovation.
  • Waterline replacements and upgrades along Hull Street Road, between Turner Road and Astor Road. The project is planned for two phases, for completion between 2022 and 2025.
  • Neighborhood Enhancement property maintenance inspections, for six neighborhoods and approximately 1,000 houses. These inspections are planned for 2016.
  • Business assistance through the Technology Zone program.

Community Meeting Information

Two community meetings have been held to discuss the project:

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