About Youth Planning and Development

The Department of Youth Planning and Development provides resource information for county youths and families and leads collaborative initiatives that engage the community in promoting the safety, well-being and success of Chesterfield County youths.

Youth Planning and Development focuses on establishing partnerships and collaborative efforts with other public and private organizations. YP&D convenes teams of stakeholders to support cooperation and community involvement in focusing on youth-related issues. YP&D connects youths, families and youth-serving professionals to community data and resource information. The department also conducts research, collects, organizes, analyzes and reports on youth-related issues, provides information and referral to resources, and conducts educational programs.

YP&D gathers citizen input through community forums, community survey data and through the Youth Services Citizen Board, an advisory board appointed by the Board of Supervisors and comprised of adults from each magisterial district and youths from each of the county’s public high schools.

Our Vision and Mission 

Our vision is to be recognized both internally and in the community as a leader and resource base for issues related to youth; and to be recognized as a facilitator for engaging county departments and the community in effectively and efficiently addressing youth concerns.

The mission of Chesterfield County Youth Planning and Development is to provide resource information for county youths and families and lead collaborative initiatives that engage the community in promoting the safety, well-being and success of Chesterfield County youths.

Summary of Services 

Information and Referral - Citizens seeking information on a variety of youth related issues or services may contact Youth Planning and Development with their questions. The department's goal is to provide accurate and timely information. Resource information is also available through our Guide to Services for Youth .

Public Education - The department provides public education programs and educational materials through a variety of events such as monthly driver's license presentations, the Use You Lose initiative, Comcast and various service clubs.

Publications - Youth Planning and Development has developed brochures and other information for citizens on topics such as youth volunteer opportunities resource information for alcohol and drug issues, parenting information and teen help cards containing resource numbers.

Research - Youth Planning and Development collects, organizes, analyzes and disseminates information about issues relating to youths in Chesterfield County. Research products include an annual report, Youth and Family Indicators Report for Chesterfield County, Virginia, a biennial community youth survey, and the Guide to Services for Youth .

Planning - The department convenes the Partnership for Youth to engage in youth development planning. Both the positive and negative influences on youth from four social areas -- home, school, peers and the community -- are evaluated. Data is collected, reviewed and analyzed and priorities for Chesterfield County are established. Resource information is collected, analyzed and long-range goals are established. From the information gathered, the Partnership develops strategies for implementing the long-range goals.

Collaborative Partnerships - Youth Planning and Development often serves as a collaborative partner, working with other organizations to meet youth needs. In this role, the department has been active in the following local and regional efforts.

  • Positive Parenting Coalition
  • School Readiness Coalition
  • Partnership for Youth
  • Community Policy and Management Team
  • Chesterfield Communities In Schools  
  • Virginia Juvenile Community Crime Control Act Team
  • Cooperative Extension Leadership Council  
  • Model County Government Program
  • SAFE (Substance Abuse Free Environment), Inc.
  • United Way Services Community Building Committee
  • Coalition for Active Children (COACH)
  • Drop-out Prevention Task Force  

SAFE Inc., (Substance Abuse Free Environment) - In 1994 the Chesterfield Alliance for Drug Rehabilitation and Education (CADRE), Chesterfield County Public Schools, the Drug and Alcohol Abuse Task Force (DAATF) and Chesterfield Youth Planning and Development (known at that time as Youth Services) joined together to launch SAFE, our community coalition working to prevent and reduce substance abuse. Youth Planning and Development provides the staff support for SAFE.

For more information about SAFE Inc., visit the website at www.chesterfieldsafe.org  

Special Initiatives/Events - Through its efforts to engage the community and promote opportunities for positive youth development, Youth Planning and Development has been a partner in sponsoring the following special events:

Staff Members 

Jana D. Carter, Director of Juvenile Services

Kelly Mathis, Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist

Rachelle Hunley, Youth Development Specialist

Patty Glazier, Administrative Secretary