About Youth and Family Services

Youth and Family Services provides resource information for county youths and families and leads collaborative initiatives that engage the community in promoting the safety, well-being and success of Chesterfield County youths.

What we do

  • Focuses on establishing partnerships and collaborative efforts with other public and private organizations.
  • Convenes teams of stakeholders to support cooperation and community involvement in focusing on youth-related issues.
  • Connects youths, families and youth-serving professionals to community data and resource information.
  • Gathers citizen input through community forums, community survey data and through the Youth Services Citizen Board (YSCB).

What we offer

Information and Referral - Resource information is also available through

Citizens seeking information on youth related issues or services may contact us at 804-796-7100 with any additional questions.

Public Education - Programs and educational materials are provided through a variety of events such as

Publications - Brochures and informational resources for citizens on topics such as

For more information contact youthservices@chesterfield.gov.  

Research – Information is collected, organized, analyzed and disseminated about issues relating to youth. Research products include

Collaborative Partnerships - Working with other organizations to meet youth needs. Local and regional effort examples are

Special Initiatives/Events - Engaging the community and promote opportunities for positive youth development by partnering in sponsoring the following special events:

Who we are

Jana D. Carter, Director of Juvenile Services
Kelly Booth, Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist