About the Police Department

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The Crime Application provides public access to Police Incidents Calls for Service and Offenses. Please note that not all sensitive information is provided through this application.

Check out the reports below for information about the department, its history, its future goals, and other topics.


Our department is a dually accredited agency. To earn accreditation, an agency demonstrates compliance with best practice standards determined by the accrediting body.

Annual Report

Our annual report offers an overview of our department’s organization and activities in 2016. 

Child Safety Section 2016-2017 Annual Report

Our Child Safety Section Annual Report offers an overview of the activities of the Child Safety Section, which works to empower children in Chesterfield County with the desire, skills and knowledge needed to become responsible community members.

TRUST – Guide to Virginia Laws and Law Enforcement

This resource pamphlet, produced by the department’s School Safety Unit, helps high school students and other community members better understand and work together with police. The contents include Virginia law, resource information and the basis for cooperation between police and the community.

Department History Book

Our history book, which was last revised in 2014, covers the history of law enforcement in Chesterfield County from the colonial period through the present day.

FY2018-2022 Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan, which is updated annually, includes information our department’s goals, performance measures, accomplishments, and challenges.

Police EEOP Utilization Report

Our Police EEOP Utilization Report includes information our department’s equal opportunity employment plan.