About Animal Services

Free ride homeFree Ride Home - Tag your pet today!

Give your dog or cat a voice to find its way home.

The Chesterfield County Police Department's Animal Services Unit offers a free ride home to any dog or cat wearing a tag that displays its owner's information.

Personalized tags, microchips and county dog license tags are the best ways for lost pets to find their way home. These tags allow Animal Services Officers to make contact with owners and get pets home, rather than take them to the Animal Shelter.

Program highlights: 

  • Reunites lost dogs and cats with their owners
  • No cost to the citizen - a shelter stay will cost the pet owner $30 the first day and $12 each additional day.
  • For more information, contact the Chesterfield County Police Department Animal Services Unit, 804-748-1683.

About Us

The Animal Services Unit provides for the safety and welfare of residents as it pertains to the control of unsupervised domestic animals. The unit is also charged with protecting animals from inhumane treatment. Animal Services officers enforce state laws and county ordinances as they apply to domestic animals. The unit operates a shelter for the complete care of animals in their custody. The Animal Shelter provides comprehensive medical care for homeless or unwanted cats and dogs until they are adopted or placed with an animal rescue organization.

The shelter has a large selection of puppies, kittens, dogs and cats for adoption. For the new owner's convenience, the $60 adoption fee covers the cost of adoption, spaying or neutering the animal prior to the new owner taking possession and a rabies shot. This allows for a worry-free adoption.