About the Sheriff's Office

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What We Do

Our main responsibilities are to

  • maintain the County Jail
  • provide security for the County Courts
  • serve various legal papers throughout the county

Though all Sheriff's Deputies maintain and use arrest authority, the Chesterfield County Police Department is the agency responsible for the majority of criminal investigations, as well as traffic enforcement and patrol duties in the county.

Current News

Virginia Rules Camp (August 6-10)

Virginia Rules Camp is a statewide, law-themed summer day camp that is hosted by Virginia law enforcement agencies. It offers young people a fun and healthy week learning about Virginia laws and building positive relationships with law enforcement officers in their community.

This free camp offers participants outdoor experience, companionship, an opportunity to build new relationships with students from other Chesterfield County middle schools and make better decisions.

Inmate Debit Calling Begins at the Jail Coming Soon

Global Tel Link (GTL)provides the phone system for Chesterfield County Jail and now offers two kinds of prepaid phone accounts.    

  • AdvancePay Phone Account: This prepaid account enables the inmate to call your phone number using funds that you have deposited in the account. Learn more about GTL’s AdvancePay.   
  • Inmate PIN Debit Phone Account: These accounts enable inmates to pay for their own phone calls and call any phone number allowed by their facility. When you make deposits into the inmate’s PIN Debit account, the inmate does not need to make collect calls and will be able to reach friends or family members who may not be able to pay for calls. Find out more about GTL’s Inmate PIN Debit phone service.

Create and make a deposit. When these accounts are funded, inmates avoid the issues they may have trying to call a number serviced by one of the many phone companies that no longer allow collect calls.

Inmate Phone Calls

  • Inmate phone calls at the time of incarceration are free and last 3-minutes.
  • After the inmate is moved to a regular housing area (normally within one day), all inmate calls become “collect calls” and may last up to 30 minutes.

For information regarding receiving phone calls and blocking phone calls, current rates, pre-payment, calling a cell phone, or any other related phone questions, please call a GTL representative at 1-877-650-4249.