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Chesterfield County Strategic Plan

Few Endeavors Surpass the Building of a Pyramid

As a pyramid rises in height, perfect symmetry must be maintained throughout. Each stone lends strength to the others above it, adjacent to it and below it. Accordingly, the county’s Strategic Plan, much like the pyramid, demonstrates the value of careful planning, execution and teamwork. This Strategic Plan, like those in the past, focuses on defining our customers and determining the services and programs we will deliver in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

In addition to the Strategic Plan, the county also adopts a Comprehensive Plan that guides future growth and development decisions.

The two plans are different, but complement each other, and both are important to the successful future of Chesterfield County. 

As in the construction of the pyramids, our county will endure through the decades to come as we Plan with purpose, Lead with vision and Serve with excellence.

Download the Chesterfield County Strategic Plan Brochure  

GOAL 1: To be Exemplary Stewards of the Public Trust and a Model for Excellence in Government

Objective: 1.1
Promote financial integrity through proactive leadership, and ensure short- and long-term prosperity through effective fiscal planning and efficient management of the public’s assets.

Objective: 1.2
Regularly evaluate programs and services to best meet the public’s needs, and to improve the county’s overall financial position through innovation, partnerships and technology improvements.

Objective: 1.3
Require the highest standards of professionalism and ethics of all county employees, and continually promote quality values.

GOAL 2: To Provide Consistently Excellent Customer Service

Objective: 2.1
Continuously improve our ability to deliver excellent customer service by focusing on courtesy, knowledge of county services and timeliness.

Objective: 2.2
Obtain and act on customer feedback as soon as practical after county services are provided.

Objective: 2.3
Continuously improve two-way communications with the public.

GOAL 3: To be Known for an Extraordinary Quality of Life

Objective: 3.1
Promote community engagement by providing the public with opportunities for involvement in cultural, educational, social and recreational activities and events.

Objective 3.2
Plan responsibly for the infrastructure needs of a growing, diverse community.

Objective: 3.3
Leverage community resources by promoting public and private partnerships.

Objective: 3.4
Promote community well being by delivering health and human services that address community needs.

Objective: 3.5
Foster lifelong learning through access to educational services and resources that meet the public’s growth and development needs.

GOAL 4: To be the Safest and Most Secure Community of its Size

Objective: 4.1
Reduce injury, death and property loss by establishing partnerships with the community that foster safety and security through education, prevention and enforcement activities.

Objective: 4.2
Reduce the reoccurrence of incidents detrimental to the public’s safety and security through a collaborative and interactive public safety system.

Objective: 4.3
Reduce injury, death, or property loss by responding to situations in a timely, professional manner.

GOAL 5: To be the Employer of Choice

Objective: 5.1
Attract a diverse and well-qualified applicant pool through coordinated outreach efforts, targeted advertising, specialized job fairs and competitive salary ranges and benefits.

Objective: 5.2
Retain a diverse, high-performing, engaged work force by providing a competitive total rewards package and a superior work environment that promotes effective leadership, teamwork, innovation, employee well being, learning and development

GOAL 6: To be the FIRST CHOICE Business Community

Objective 6.1
Enhance our business environment by improving processes, policies, tax structure, regulations, education and communication.

Objective 6.2
Increase private sector job opportunities and wages in the county.

Objective 6.3
Increase the total annual value of new commercial construction.

Objective 6.4
Create and market more industrially-zoned acreage.

GOAL 7: To be Responsible Protectors of the Environment

Objective: 7.1
Assess and improve county processes and technologies to address potential adverse environmental impacts and to meet or exceed compliance with environmental laws and regulations.

Objective: 7.2
Foster community understanding of environmental issues by providing information, educational outreach programs and opportunities for public involvement.

Objective: 7.3
Promote natural-resource management strategies that ensure environmental sustainability.


Our Vision Is To Be The Recognized Leader In Government, the standard by which others measure their progress and success. Every employee has a personal devotion to excellence in public service and embraces the highest standards of ethics and integrity. Every resident takes pride in knowing that the county provides the finest quality of life available in any American community.


Providing a First Choice community through excellence in public service

Guiding Principles and Values

County employees and residents are shareholders in the county’s future and share a commitment to fairness, integrity, diversity and fiscal accountability. As models for excellence, county leaders and employees uphold the following values in the operation of the local government:

  • Continuous Improvement
  • Customer Focus
  • Data-Driven Decisions
  • Employee Involvement
  • Ethical Behavior
  • Leadership
  • Open Communications
  • Progressive Thinking
  • Teamwork

Download the Chesterfield County Strategic Plan Brochure