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Subdivision Review Comments
All Subdivision Review Comments for Case # 18FC0034

For VDOT’s comments please contact Virginia Department of Transportation at (804) 674-2814 or send e-mail to Boris.Solomonov@VDOT.Virginia.gov

For Tentative Subdivision resubmittals:

1. Please note that submittal fees include the original submittal and two (2) additional reviews.

2. A letter of transmittal is required to accompany each submittal.

3. Please verify that Environmental Engineering, Fire, CDOT, VDOT, and Planning have reviewed the submittal before resubmitting. A resubmittal tendered, prior to receiving all the required departments’ review, will be counted as an additional submittal. Go to Case Selection Form or Go to Project List

Comments are not available for case # 18FC0034. Only subdivision cases which have had activity in the last year will display.
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