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Subdivision Review Comments
View staff comments for Residential Subdivision plans

Hundreds of proposed residential subdivision plans are reviewed by county staff each year. This section provides access to staff comments related to each review.

  1. Enter the Subdivision Case Number (8 Characters - Example: 05TS0123)
  2. Select comments to view
  3. Click the "Get Comments" button

Comments for the following types of subdivision cases can be viewed on this site:

  • Tentative (TS)
  • Construction plan (CP)
  • Final check (FC)
  • Record plat (RP)
  • Tentative waiver (TW)
  • Final minor (FM)
  • Parcel acreage (PA)
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NEW! If you do not know the case number, see the complete project list.
You may contact the Planning Department at (804)748-1050 or planning@co.chesterfield.va.us