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Animal Services - Dog Licensing Ordinance
Animal Services Unit
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Animal Services Unit
Animal Services - Dog Licensing Ordinance

Dog license 1To obtain a dog license, you must:

  • provide a certificate of current rabies vaccination
  • pay the license tax

You can qualify for a discounted license tax if you provide documentation proving your dog has been spayed or neutered.

Which dogs must have a license?

Any dog four months of age or older must have a license.

How much does a license cost and when is it due? 

  • Chesterfield County dogs must be licensed annually.
  • The license tax is payable on January 1 and must be paid no later than January 31 of each year.
  • The fees are as follows:
    • Male dog: $7
    • Female dog: $7
    • Unsexed dog:  $5 (must provide proof of spaying/neutering)
    • Kennel - 20 dogs: $25
    • Kennel - 50 dogs: $35

Where do you get the license

You can obtain a dog license at several county businesses, or by mail.

To obtain a dog license by mail

  • Print and complete a dog license application. (You can view a sample form.)
  • Send the completed license application.
  • Include
    • copy of the rabies certificate,
    • proof that the dog has been spayed/neutered (if applicable),
    • check or money order payable to Treasurer, Chesterfield County.

Mail to:

Treasurer’s Office
P.O. Box 70
Chesterfield, Virginia 23832
Attention: Dog Licenses

What do I do with the license?

License tags should be securely fastened to a substantial collar worn by the dog.

The tag will be stamped or marked with the

  • locality name
  • sex of the dog
  • calendar year in which the tag was issued,
  • a serial number.

Dog license receipts should be kept in a safe place and should be available upon request for inspection by any Animal Services Officer.