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Development Proposals

Development Proposals The Chesterfield County Planning Department reviews and makes recommendations on many types of requests relating to development, including zoning requests, site plans, subdivisions, building permits and certificates of occupancy. 

Development Proposal Case Look-Up

You can search for information on recent development proposals (“cases”) that have been reviewed as part of the Planning Department’s zoning, site plan and subdivision review process, or by the Board of Zoning Appeals. There are two ways to find this information.

  • Click here to find out development proposal information for cases reviewed since January 1, 2010 if you know the case number (e.g. 10SN0120) or the 3 digit number from the notification signs (e.g. 120) or proposal name or location of the case.
  • Click here if you would like to see on a vicinity map development proposals (“cases”) currently pending review by the Planning Department. This will transfer you to the Chesterfield County Citizen GIS (Geographic Information System) web page. Please review these case search instructions before transferring to Citizen GIS. Note that this system only maps cases currently under review, not those subsequently approved, withdrawn or denied.
    For more information about development proposals, contact the Planning Department at 804-748-1050.

Zoning Review  

Site Plan Review  

Subdivision Review  

Building Permit and Certificate of Occupancy Review: Contact 804-748-1050 for more information. 

Residential and Commercial Walk- Thru Building Permits

Chesterfield County offers a walk-thru plan review and permitting process for certain types of residential and commercial building permit applications. The intent of this process is for applicants to obtain a particular permit, if eligible, during a single visit on the same day. The walk-thru process is available to anyone whose project meets the eligibility criteria and is handled through the Department of Building Inspections. Further information can be found on the building inspections’ website.