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Comprehensive Plan

CompPlan Cover 10-24-12Moving Forward - The Comprehensive Plan For Chesterfield County 

Moving Forward...The Comprehensive Plan for Chesterfield County is the county's guiding document for future growth and development decisions. Following extensive public participation, the Comprehensive Plan was produced by county staff, recommended by the Planning Commission, and adopted by the Board of Supervisors in October 2012. The Plan is implemented through Ordinances, policies, education and other tools.

Click here for information regarding implementation of the Plan.

The Comprehensive Plan includes many chapters designed to address the issues and challenges that face Chesterfield County as the community continues to grow and evolve. These chapters may be accessed in the following menu links. While these chapters should be considered parts of a whole, they are provided here as separate links to facilitate ease of use and downloading.

Moving Forward...The Comprehensive Plan for Chesterfield (As adopted by the Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors on October 24, 2012)

The following Special Area Plans are those plans previously adopted that remain as parts of the Comprehensive Plan. These area plans will remain as separate chapters until additional detailed review can be conducted. Part of the implementation of the Comprehensive Plan will be to review and update these, as well as other identified special area plans, in the future. Until then, they remain as parts of the county’s overall comprehensive plan.

Special Area Plans  

An individual interested in knowing the land use recommendations for a particular area of the county may access the Land use Plan Map using CitizenGIS. CitizenGIS provides comprehensive plan information about land use categories, plan notes, and special areas, in addition to information about parcels, roads, current zoning, easements and utilities, among other features.

CitizenGIS may be accessed using the following link: CitizenGIS

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