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Real Estate Tax Relief for Elderly and Disabled
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Commissioner of the Revenue
Timothy M. McPeters

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Commissioner of the Revenue
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Real Estate Tax Relief for Elderly and Disabled

The Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue (“Commissioner”) is responsible for administering a program for tax relief on real estate (and mobile homes) for eligible elderly and disabled residents of Chesterfield County.

Tax Forms

Fill-in Forms Include Eligibility Requirements and Instructions

You may contact our office at (804) 748-1281, or email us at cor@chesterfield.gov if you need information or forms that are not provided below:

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to be eligible for tax relief on real estate and mobile homes?  

The Main Criteria for tax relief are as follows:

  • ALL owners must live in the household.  For property owned by other than an applicant and spouse, tax relief would be prorated based on the percent of ownership held by qualifying applicant(s).
  • You must be 65 or older as of December 31st of the preceding year or be totally and permanently disabled as of the same date.
  • You must live in the home and it has to be your primary residence.
  • The total gross income of all occupants or the home must not exceed $52,000 from all sources, taxable or non-taxable.
  • For property jointly owned by husband and wife or by a single taxpayer, the COMBINED NET WORTH of the owner(s) and spouse(s), excluding the value of the home and up to ten acres of land upon which the home is situated, must not exceed $350,000. Please note that only the home and up to one acre of land is eligible for actual tax relief although up to ten acres of land may be excluded from the net worth calculation.
  • For property jointly owned by co-owners (other than husband and wife), the COMBINED NET WORTH of the owners must not exceed $324,075, WITHOUT any exclusion for the dwelling and land. 

Where can I get an application?  

An application can be obtained by downloading the form, calling the office, or you can stop by the office to get one.


Is there assistance in preparing my application?  

The tax relief section of the office will help in preparing this application during normal working hours of Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Can my child fill out these forms for me and be the contact for tax relief?  

Due to the Privacy Act, in order for the Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue to be able to discuss your application, we will need a copy of a filed Power of Attorney.


Do I need to attach anything to my application? 

If renewing your application documents can be sent after the April 3 due date, but the application must be postmarked by April 3.  When filing your application we will need all documentation of income and net worth. For income, we will need documents such as W-2’s, Federal Income Tax Return, SSA-1099’s, interest and dividend statements and any other income. For net worth we will need bank statements showing the balances in checking and savings accounts, certificates of deposits, money market accounts, stocks, bonds, IRA’s, annuities, cash value of life insurance and burial plots as of December 31 st of the preceding year.

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