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Why Victims Stay
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If you are in danger or need immediate assistance, dial 911 

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Chesterfield Domestic & Sexual Violence Resource Center
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Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court
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Domestic and Sexual Violence Resource Center
Why Victims Stay

People often wonder, "Why doesn't she just leave?", without understanding the complications of ending an abusive relationship.   

Fear - a victim may

  • be paralyzed due to threats such as, "If you try to leave, I'll kill you."
  • be aware that leaving is often the most dangerous time 

Lack of Money/Resources -  A victim may

  • be financially dependent on their partner. Without money, they may feel impossible to leave the relationship

Believes Abuse is ‘Normal’ -  A victim may

  • not know what a healthy relationship looks like
  • not realize their relationship is unhealthy, or ‘abnormal’

Children - A victim may

  • believe they are breaking apart the family

Embarrassment or Shame - A victim may

  • be embarrassed
  • fear victim-blaming

Love - A victim often

  • hopes things will change.
  • remembers the onset of the relationship, prior to the abuse, and hopes their partner will return to that person.

Fear of Being ‘Outed’ -  A victim may  

  • fear an abusive partner may reveal their partner’s LGBTQ status, which can be frightening if the victim has not come out

Cultural/Religious Reasons - A victim may 

  • choose to remain in the relationship for fear of bringing shame to their family, due to traditional gender roles supported by someone’s culture or religion 

Language Barriers - A victim may

  •  find it difficult to express the depth of their situation to others, if English isn’t their first language

Immigration Status - An undocumented victim may 

  • fear their immigration status will be affected if they report the abuse.