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Court Safety and Security
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Laura Gardner Griffin 

Public Hours                     
8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
(Excluding State and Federal holidays, severe weather

Clerk’s Office Phone      

Court Service Unit

Clerk’s Office Fax

Street Address
7000 Lucy Corr Boulevard
Chesterfield, VA 23832 

Driving Directions 

Chesterfield County government complex (building #7)


From Lucy Corr Blvd, turn left at the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court sign. Take an immediate right into the visitor parking lot. There is no fee for parking.  Once parked, proceed to the security checkpoint just inside the front, main entrance.

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Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court
Court Safety and Security

All persons required to appear before the juvenile and domestic relations district court:

  • Should arrive at the time and place stated on the petition, summons, bail form or subpoena
  • Be ready when the case is called into the courtroom
  • Remain until the case is called; to do otherwise is a criminal offense

The court does not have child care services; therefore, the only children who should be brought to court are those children involved in the case or whose presence has been requested or required by the court, an attorney or a probation officer

When you enter the courthouse

  • You will be required to pass through metal detectors
  • All cases and purses brought into the building will be screened
  • All Prohibited  items must be left outside the Courthouse at home or in your vehicle.
  • Sheriff’s deputies will not hold or take any responsibility for items left outside the Courthouse.
  • Turn right and proceed down the hall to the Court Service Unit.
  • Look for the door marked “Court Services, Probation and Parole.”
  • Enter and a receptionist will be there to assist you from this point.

Who should come with you to court

  • You should bring any adult witness.
  • You are discouraged from bringing young children with you to court.
    • If you must bring children, please bring an adult to supervise the child while you are in the courtroom.
  • Avoid bringing anyone who may cause a disturbance during your visit to the Courthouse.

Not allowed in courthouse

The Court prohibits

  • ALL electronic devices including but not limited to
    • cell phones that include a camera
    • tablets
    • lap top computers
    • radios
    • video games
    • mp3 devices
    • dvd and cd players
    • tape recorders
  • ANYTHING that could be used as a weapon including but not limited to 
    • guns
    • knives
    • scissors
    • nail trimmers
    • knitting needles
  • Food and drink are allowed ONLY IN RESTRICTED AREAS. 
  • No smoking is allowed.


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