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CountyTax Bill FAQ's
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CountyTax Bill FAQ's

So what changes can I expect?

The format of the tax billings has been changed to a statement billing. Rather than receiving separate tax bills, you will receive one consolidated statement for each type of tax. 

This will not only consolidate billing information but will also result in efficiencies and cost savings in mailing, payment processing and supplies. 

Here are some general examples of the changes:

    • Real Estate – all real estate tax billings for a certain property will be combined onto one statement.
    • Personal Property – all vehicles with a common ownership will now be combined onto one statement.

Payment Mailing address – like the bills you have received for years, the new statement billing has a section (referred to as a coupon) that is detached and mailed with your payment.  The new statement coupon has a different address than in past years.  Rather than a post office box in Richmond, you will now be mailing your payments to a post office box in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Why the change? 

To save money and provide for quicker processing and posting of your payments.

How will this save money and be more time efficient? 

  • The County’s vendor for processing mail payments is located in Charlotte. 
  • Since the vendor has a number of Richmond clients, your payments were previously mailed to a Richmond post office box and then forwarded by courier to Charlotte.
  • Now, by directly mailing your payments to Charlotte, your payments are processed quicker and we can save money by eliminating the cost of the courier. 

Stay tuned for other changes

Over the coming months, we will be implementing additional modules of the new property tax system to provide additional services including monthly direct-debit payment options and an online portal to view and pay your taxes.