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Rain Garden Resources
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Water Quality 

Director of Environmental Engineering
Scott B. Smedley
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Chesterfield County Environmental Engineering
P.O. Box 40
Chesterfield, Virginia 23832-0040

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9800 Government Center Parkway
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Environmental Engineering
Rain Garden Resources

The Department of Environmental Engineering encourages residents to protect Chesterfield County’s water resources by employing conservation practices at home. A popular option for homeowners is rain gardens. A rain garden is just like other flower gardens with one important difference – it collects and treats rain water so it will not become polluted runoff. Rain gardens use permeable soils and hearty native plants that capture and filter stormwater so that it does not harm our local resources.

In 2012 Environmental Engineering launched Chesterfield County’s rain garden workshop series. The workshops are a partnership with Chesterfield County Libraries and the Chesterfield office of the Virginia Cooperative Extension. Workshop participants lean about rain garden design and installation and create demonstration gardens at each workshop location. Download the workshop presentation.

Most residential rain gardens are between 150-300 square feet and can be created as a weekend project. Plants that are native to Virginia require little maintenance and provide year-round color and habitat for desirable wildlife such as song birds and butterflies. Rain gardens not only have environmental benefits but also add beauty and value to your home. To learn how to create your own rain garden download the Rain Garden and installation guide here.   

The Chesterfield County rain garden workshops and Rain Garden Installation and Design Guide were made possible with grant funding form the Chesapeake Bay Restoration Advisory Committee from the sale of Friend Chesapeake Bay License Plates.