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Environmental Division - Anti-Litter Program
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Jeff T. Howard

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Environmental Division
Environmental Division - Anti-Litter Program

Litter-Wise-LogoChesterfield County's Anti-Litter Program, part of the Environmental Division, began July 1, 2004.

Education and Outreach Presentations 

Invite a local expert to visit your school, scout troop, church group, civic/neighborhood association or other organization.  Presentations can be customized for a variety of topics and age levels.  Requests must be made at least three weeks in advance (four weeks if requests are for March, April or May).  To request a presentation, contact Pam Cooper at cooperp@chesterfield.gov or call (804) 751-2227 or (804) 748-1297. 

Litter Collection

Chesterfield County provides a year-round litter collection program.  Program participants include Sheriff's Department Workforce, Assign-A-Highway probationers, Anti-Litter Program collection crews and Adopt-A-Spot volunteers.

Litter Volunteer Opportunities  

Adopt-A-Spot: The Chesterfield County Anti-Litter Program has established the Adopt-A-Spot program to provide opportunities for community-spirited businesses, organizations, groups and individuals to enhance Chesterfield County neighborhoods by cleaning and maintaining a designated “spot”.  The volunteer participants will agree to adopt a location for a minimum of one year and clean the site as frequently as participants deem necessary.  The Chesterfield County Litter Program will supply garbage bags, reflective vests and litter grabbers.  This program allows groups and individuals to adopt smaller and more secure areas, as opposed to busy roadways. To participate in this worthwhile program, call (804) 751-2227 or  (804) 748-1297.

To inquire about the above opportunities, contact Pam Cooper, Anti-Litter Program Manager, at cooperp@chesterfield.gov, (804) 751-2227 or  (804) 748-1297.

The goal for the county’s Anti-Litter Program is to have Chesterfield County continue to be a First Choice Community!

Business Partnership Program:  (Sponsored by Chesterfield County’s Anti-Litter Program) 

Chesterfield County's Anti-Litter Program is based on the belief that keeping Chesterfield County clean is profitable, creative and practical.  As we progress towards our goal of educating the public of the importance of keeping the county clean, we find great value in partnering with county residents, businesses and schools that share our vision.  We believe that relationships and collaboration are critical for environmental success, and will help connect you with others who can help you achieve your environmental goals. 

Effective July 1, 2009, Chesterfield County Anti-Litter Program implemented a new environmental initiative entitled, “Business Partnership Program”.  This program will enhance opportunities for Chesterfield County businesses to be protectors of the environment by partnering with local residents, civic groups, churches, businesses and schools. 

Through this environmental program, we will help citizens and businesses discover new ways of doing business that lead to a cleaner and greener Chesterfield County. This program will provide Chesterfield County businesses with free assistance to set and meet environmental goals, opportunities to connect with other leaders, and recognition for environmental stewardship. Partners may find operations that utilize modern environmental practices may become more cost effective, and they may become role models for their industries and communities.

The Business Partnership Program takes a collaborative approach to balancing environmental and economic interests for your business, Chesterfield County and its citizens.

Please join the Business Partnership Program and help make Chesterfield County a First Choice business community.

Benefits of the program:

  • Network with other socially-responsible organizations
  • Receive mentoring and be a mentor to others
  • Interact with top environmental leaders within Chesterfield County government
  • Enhance economic development in your business area
  • Save money by being an environmental steward
  • Develop rapport with citizens and others businesses near your complex
  • Become a role model for others in your industry
  • Receive public recognition for environmental efforts
  • Receive county recognition for environmental accomplishments
  • Obtain free environmental event coordination
  • Receive free supplies for litter cleanups

The Business Partnership Program is open to any business within Chesterfield County.  Applications may be submitted at any time, and Chesterfield County Anti-Litter Program staff is available to guide you through the program process. 

Each business has the opportunity to create and manage their own environmental initiatives and cleanup events.  We encourage you to submit event statistics to Pam Cooper, Anti-Litter Program Manager, so that your success can be documented and shared with the county administration and included in the recognition program.

It is easy to register for this program.  For an application, contact:

Pam Cooper, Anti-Litter Program Manager
Chesterfield County
PO Box 290
Chesterfield, VA  23832

Fax:  804-748-3032
E-mail:  cooperp@chesterfield.gov 

On behalf of Chesterfield County and the Anti-Litter Program, the business that annually demonstrates the greatest success in environmental stewardship will receive the Environmental Stewardship Award.  The winner will be recognized at a Board of Supervisors meeting. Past winners include:

            2010 - Southern RV
            2011 - Ironbridge Sports Park
            2012 - Hevener's Tire and Automotive
            2013 - B&D Chimney Services

Chesterfield County looks forward to working with you in this environmental program and seeing your business flourish.

Thank you for assisting Chesterfield County in building stronger and cleaner communities.  Let’s work together and build a better tomorrow.

For more information and/or to discuss your specific environmental program, contact Pam Cooper at 804-751-2227, cooperp@chesterfield.gov or fax 804-748-3032.

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