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Day Support Program
Mental Health Support Services
Day Support Program

What is the Day Support Program?
Day Support programs are center-based programs located in the community for adults and children aged 11 or older with a primary diagnosis of intellectual disability. Program participants must be willing to participate in developing and implementing their individual service plan. The day support program has two sites. Both sites serve adults with intellectual disabilities, 18 and older. Our facility on Hull St. also serves children, 12 and older after school and during breaks and summer months.  

What services are provided by Day Support Program?
The Day Support Program provides training and supports to individuals with intellectual disabilities and promotes activities that are leisure oriented, community based, and that enhance individual skill development. The program also engages individuals in recreational activities focused on socialization, music and art therapy, simple cooking instruction, sensory stimulation, personal care instruction, as well as, volunteer opportunities. The program has volunteer agreements with organizations such as Meals on Wheels and Thrifty Quaker where consumers can gain work experience.

Who can use the Day Support Program services?
Our adult services are open to any individual with a primary diagnosis of intellectual disability 18 years of age and older. We also have an after school program that is geared to individuals with intellectual disabilities that are still enrolled in school.  This program serves individuals between the ages of 12-21.  

How do I access services?
Individuals can access the program through a referral from their Mental Health Support Services intellectual disability case manager or by an appointment with the intake coordinator by calling 804-318-8880

Hours of operation:
Monday – Friday
8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

Additional Resources:
Dorothy Clinkscales, Services Supervisor
Winchester Green adult site - 804- 318-8880
Best Choice adult site - 804-318-8114
Rockwood after school site - 804-318-8114