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Community Standards for Adult Alcohol Use
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Youth Planning and Development
Community Standards for Adult Alcohol Use

There are few among us who haven't been touched in some way by the abuse of alcohol or drugs or who haven't seen how alcoholism, illegal drugs, or the abuse of legal drugs can destroy a life. The experience may have been a personal one. Or it may have involved a loved one or a friend.

Citizens participating in the Chesterfield Mobilization Against Substance Abuse are working to help our community recognize the problems of substance abuse and to encourage healthy, responsible choices. These are proposed community standards for adult alcohol use in Chesterfield County. As you read the standards, you will notice that there is nothing dramatic about them. They just represent good common sense.

Implementing these community standards may be a first step toward making a difference in our own lives and the lives of our friends and loved ones. Please take a moment to read them.

The use or non-use of alcohol by adults is a personal choice. Adults have the right to drink alcoholic beverages responsibly. They also have the right not to drink.
For those who choose to drink, moderate consumption is acceptable; drinking to intoxication is not. Know your personal limits and don't exceed them.
Avoid the use of alcohol when driving a car, boat or other motor vehicle or when operating equipment; when pregnant or breast-feeding; and when taking medication (prescription or over-the-counter).
Be a good role model for others, especially minors. Children and adolescents watch adult behavior, so make sure you are setting a good example. Be alert to situations where it is inappropriate to use alcohol when minors are present, such as youth activities.
Never ride with an intoxicated driver. Always attempt to prevent others from driving while under the influence.
Discourage the glamorization of alcohol and its effects. Messages on clothing, at sporting events, in music, and in advertising and behaviors on television, in movies, and by entertainers may glamorize alcohol use. Within your circle of family and friends, encourage discussion about such messages and behaviors.
Promote the development of sound alcohol policies. Encourage businesses and community organizations to develop guidelines for alcohol use appropriate to their setting and purposes.
Obey all laws regarding alcohol use. Know and follow all laws concerning the use of alcohol.

We invite you to join us to help create a substance abuse free environment for our community . We are your friends and neighbors, your fellow workers in the workplace, members at your place of worship. We are trying to make a difference, and you can help! For example, invite us to speak at your church, club, fraternal group, community organization, or neighborhood association.

If you want to get more involved, we would be delighted to have you become active in this effort. We are working with parents, youth, schools, churches, county government, and the general community to prevent substance abuse in Chesterfield County.

For more information about the Chesterfield Mobilization Against Substance Abuse and how you can help, please call (804) 796-7100.

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