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Jury Information
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Jury Services 

Jury Coordinator

Petit/Trial Jury Information Line

Jury Questionnaire and Circuit Court Information

804-751-2269 (Fax)

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Circuit Court Clerk
Jury Information

Jury ButtonJuror Notice 

 Download PDF Juror Info Sheet Response to Summons Form 

 Download PDF Juror Info Sheet Medical Excuse Form 

Juror Questionnaire Information 

The process includes 

  • mailing annually approximately 14,000 juror questionnaires to randomly selected Chesterfield County residents
  • reviewing responses by Jury Commissioners appointed by the Chief Judge and the processing of the Commissioners’ decisions
  • creating a list of citizens qualified to serve petit (trial) jury duty

Questions and Answers Regarding a Juror Questionnaire 

Petit (Trial) Jury Summons Information

Location and Reporting Instructions

  • Petit (trial) jurors - report to the Jury Assembly Room, 2nd floor of the building 
  • Jurors are prohibited from entering the courthouse with
    • Guns/bullets
    • Knives
    • Cell phones
    • Cameras
    • Smart watches
    • Laptops and other electronic devices  

Questions and Answers Regarding a Summons for Petit Jury Service  

Grand Jury Information

Jury Scam

WARNING: Be Aware of Jury Scams

If you were summoned for jury service and failed to appear, you may be contacted by the court. If this happens, a judge may summon you to appear before the court for an explanation as to why you missed jury service.

However, police and court officials will never ask for payment, a credit card, money card or social security number for failure to appear for jury duty over the phone or by email.

Report suspicious activity immediately to local law enforcement - Chesterfield County Police Investigations Unit: 804-748-1268

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