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Low Impact Design Resources
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Environmental Engineering
Low Impact Design Resources

The Chesterfield County Department of Environmental Engineering encourages engineers and developers to use Low Impact Design (LID) for the reduction of pollutants, volume and velocities of stormwater to adjacent streams and rivers within the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.

LID practices preserve and recreate the natural landscape and hydrologic conditions of a site by minimizing impervious surfaces and allowing for infiltration.  Unlike conventional storm water management techniques which focus on removing storm water quickly from a site, LID practices are designed to allow infiltration, reduce velocities and filter pollutants. Examples of LID practices include green roofs, rain gardens, rain barrels, permeable pavers and bioretention areas.

Developers and engineers are encouraged to learn more about Low Impact Design. The following is a comprehensive list of LID resources. 

Larry Coffman's LID presentation

LID Designs and Costs - PDF

LID Design Resources - PDF




Site Design

Capture and Use

H & H Analytical

Case Studies

Pollution Prevention


Amended Soils






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